100% Guaranteed Surrogacy Program – Ensuring a Healthy Baby.

How does the Guaranteed surrogacy process benefit us?

This is the common question most Intended parents have in their mind. Surrogacy procedure involves a definite level of unpredictability with success rate, hence we have embarked on our guaranteed surrogacy program that gives 100% assurance of a successful pregnancy.

This surrogacy proceeding is favourable for the Intended Parents who wish to have an assured child in any case. IPs who are okay with multiple attempts and ready to wait, this surrogacy process awaits you!

We ensure the best quality of eggs and or sperm with our strong network of donors. The procedure may take time or multiple attempts but guarantees a healthy, and cute baby to your home. Our experts have worked for years to make surrogacy procedures comforting,less tedious, and complex-free, ensuring constant legal and other medicinal support throughout the journey.

We have the vision to make parenthood possible for every prospective intended parent, with this we deliver services at an affordable cost. The surrogacy process overall is tedious, daunting, and we do not want our intended parents to lose hope in the midst of the journey. We guarantee persistent assistance with legal, logistics, and medicinal treatments in our clinics, and also take care of our IP’s emotional well-being.

Sounds interesting? Well, this program can fulfill your dreams, you are just a few steps away from your parenting days! Connect with us for your inquiry and further discussion, we are here for you!

Detailed procedure of Guaranteed Surrogacy program

We have mentioned a detailed breakdown of the Guaranteed surrogacy program’s procedure for your better understanding. Keep reading…
Conceiving Embryos
To initiate the process, the Intended parents would provide their sperm and or eggs. The sperm collection is quite simple and takes a couple of hours, meanwhile, egg donation takes time and needs a fertility treatment (ovarian stimulation) in order to get a successful donation process. Usually, the treatment takes up to 14 days from the donor’s natural cycle. When the eggs are donated successfully, eggs are fertilized with the intended father’s sperm.
Finding the Right Gestational Carrier
Gestational surrogates or surrogate mothers are recruited by professionals, it needs a good network and expertise to select the right one for the intended parents. A proficient surrogacy agency like Global Star Surrogacy understands your needs, and expectations and looks for cultural and other background research for a surrogate mother for you to avoid unwanted risks and complications.
Commencing with Pregnancy
The fertilization procedure leads to several feasible embryos, though the best quality embryo is used and others are frozen in case we need to repeat the embryo transfer procedure. Meanwhile, the surrogate mother undergoes a treatment – endometrial stimulation which takes 2-3 weeks from her natural cycle.
Pregnancy and Prenatal Stage
Once a pregnancy is confirmed, the gestational carrier starts with taking prenatal care. Usually, in developed countries, surrogate mothers stay in their homes and practice all the prenatal check-ups, care, and tests with their obstetrician. Whereas, in developing countries, gestational surrogates are offered a house in a communal area – a surrogacy house, this gives relief to intended parents that the surrogate mother has all the access to prenatal care and facilities to rest. And a surrogate mother can completely focus on her health and look after the baby’s well-being.
The Final Phase with Becoming Parents Legally
Depending on the surrogate mother’s medical condition, the obstetrician estimates the ideal date for the delivery. We as a surrogacy agency update you with details for the delivery and send you tickets and facilitate stay, trip, and related things in case of international surrogacy.

Once your child is born then comes the legal procedure into action. You’ll have to look out surrogacy friendly jurisdiction, on your child’s birth certificate. Usually, on the birth certificate, the birth parent’s name is mentioned and not the intended parents and you as an IP have to apply for a parentage order in your country to change the parent’s name. In case of international surrogacy, you will have to apply for a child’s passport prior to delivery and citizenship within 6 months of the birth. All these tedious legal formalities are looked after by Global Star Surrogacy and ensure you don’t face any hurdles in order to take your baby home.


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Why Considering and Finalizing the Right Process of Surrogacy is Essential?

As we know, surrogacy is quite a time-consuming, daunting and expensive process. If the surrogacy program turns out to be tedious and a failure in pregnancy and legal concerns then it may lead to a complete breakdown mentally and emotionally for Intended Parents. To avoid such a situation it is quite essential to select the right surrogacy process.

Our experts help you find the right surrogacy procedure via understanding your medical conditions, needs, and expectations. Prior to proceeding with the process of surrogacy, ensure we have determined every factor in order to consult you with the best surrogacy procedure.

Well, you might be wondering, are there any other factors that we ( Intended Parents) can take care of to increase the possibility of the gestational surrogacy process? While you book our free consultation session, consider a few questions to ask us in order to get clarity in the initial phase.

Questions to be considered:

  • Is the agency experienced working with Intended heterosexual, same-sex, or single parents, surrogate mothers, donors, and handling legal concerns worldwide?
  • What kind of surrogacy is suitable for me?
  • Do you provide surrogacy other than gestational?
  • What is the process of surrogacy with Global Star Surrogacy?
  • What is the average cost of surrogacy with GSS?
  • Do you have a good relationship or network with clinics in my intended country for surrogacy?
  • Do you provide legal support with international surrogacy?

How is the Guaranteed surrogacy program different from other surrogacy programs?

Although, surrogacy with Global Star Surrogacy offers a good success rate. There may be a few barriers and unpredictability coming towards your surrogacy program. With our Guaranteed surrogacy program, we take 100% responsibility for creating a life for you.

This program may demand multiple attempts with embryo creation, but we give 100% assurance from our end. With our well-designed process, we determine every factor from the screening process, egg/ sperm donation, embryo transfer, and finding the right surrogate to looking after a successful legal process. We make sure you have a healthy baby at your home very soon! National or international surrogacy, Global Star Surrogacy guarantees happy parenthood to you.

What differentiates Global Star Surrogacy services from other agencies?

Global Star Surrogacy stands tall for its words. We have been working for over a decade to build a space that feels safe, comfortable, and hassle-free. Our proficient team members ensure complete research and details in order to process your successful surrogacy treatment.

We support you thoroughly by consulting you with the right services to provide you with 100% legal support to avoid complications. Our aim is to provide a one-stop solution for surrogacy to our Intended Parents, no IP shouldn’t be left unsatisfied – is our belief.

We aid in finding good donors to get qualitative eggs or sperm accompanied by a suitable surrogate mother by considering your criteria and expectations with background, cultural history, and location preferences. We also share their profiles with our IPs in order to select the right options.

What is the cost of the Guaranteed surrogacy program?

The surrogacy journey differs for every individual depending on the medical condition of the couple or individual, their needs, expectations, and the location they prefer. Surrogacy cost includes certain factors like – surrogate mother’s compensation, medicinal expenses, attorney’s fees, other legal formalities, and egg/sperm donor fees.

If the Intended Parents wish to opt for international surrogacy then our attorney looks after the allowance of gestational surrogacy and surrogacy for single or gay IPs. With our Guaranteed surrogacy program, the process of egg development may require multiple attempts which may increase the overall cost of your surrogacy journey.

Usually, surrogacy costs vary from country to country depending on the laws, compensation that a surrogate demands and other factors. If the surrogate mother is from a developed country then she might charge more and in the case of developing countries would charge less comparatively.

To get a better idea about the cost of this program, book our free consultation call now!

Why Global Star Surrogacy?

We are a surrogacy agency, committed to fulfilling your dream of parenthood!

Global Star Surrogacy understands your years of emotional, financial struggle with infertility. We specialize in making your dream possible, our well-designed program solves all your concerns. From looking after all legal, and medical factors to ensure a safe journey that caters to the emotional well-being as well, we work to give guaranteed happiness to our intended parents.

Initiating with a free consultation, we understand your needs, infertility history, opted medication and treatments, citizenship, gender preferences, and many other factors to analyze to give you a perfect solution. One of the best surrogacy agencies ensures complete legal support to avoid unwanted risks by connecting with experienced family lawyers. With your trust, we promise no hindrance of any cost or risk factor relating to our surrogacy program.

Our expert, Rekha Suresh supports the Intended Parents throughout the journey, be it a sudden medical emergency, visa credentials, or convincing IPs to believe in the process and calm their anxiety. Her work speaks volumes and so does her long-lasting relationships with Intended Parents, and she makes the entire process hassle-free for IPs.Our motto is to ease the work of our Intended Parents and provide them with everything that they are looking for!

In the case of international surrogacy, with our network and good clinics, our fertility treatment guarantees you a successful medium to begin your family. We are content to help hundreds and thousands of IPs begin a family and give them hope for their happy days.