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Global Star Surrogacy is a leading surrogacy center dedicated to helping individuals and couples fulfill their dreams of parenthood. With a compassionate and experienced team, we offer comprehensive surrogacy solutions, ensuring personalized care throughout the entire journey.
Founder and CEO of Global Star Surrogacy

About Us

Empowering Families, Empowering Future!

The Founder and CEO of Global Star Surrogacy, and the face behind happiness of hundreds of content families. She has been assisting intended parents in IVF and surrogacy for 15 years now! She supports intended parents in the daunting journey of surrogacy and works on offering a successful pregnancy.

She has a background of Masters in Commerce, having an eye for perfection is what makes her stand tall. Over a casual discussion with a friend, she entered the field of surrogacy and within months of working she found her passion. “While helping intended parents create a life, I found my baby – Global Star Surrogacy.” says Rekha Suresh.

She has been supporting intended parents throughout their surrogacy journey and believes in making long lasting relationships that are more than a family. “Today my family is hundreds strong and still growing!” – Says Rekha Suresh. Her work speaks volumes and so does her lasting relationships with her Intended Parents. The entire surrogacy experience is made hassle-free and memorable.

Rekha Suresh

Founder and CEO of Global Star Surrogacy
Founder and CEO of Global Star Surrogacy

About Us

Global Star Surrogacy

Global Star surrogacy understands your years of emotional, financial and physical struggle with infertility. We specialize in making your dream possible, our well- designed program solves all your concerns. From looking after all technical, medical factors to ensure a safe journey catering to the emotional well-being as well, we work to give guaranteed happiness to our intended parents.

Initiating with free consultation, we understand your needs, infertility history, opted medication and treatments, your citizenship, gender preferences and many other factors to analyze to give you a perfect solution. One of the best surrogacy agency ensures a complete legal support to avoid unwanted risks by uniting with experienced family lawyers. With your trust, we promise no hindrance of any cost or risk factor relating to our surrogacy program.

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Why do Parents Intending Surrogacy Choose Us ?

Experienced Team: Global  Star Surrogacy boasts a team of highly experienced professionals, including skilled fertility specialists, legal experts, and support staff.

Personalized Care: Global  Star Surrogacy provides individualized attention and support to each intended parent, tailoring their services to meet specific needs and preferences.

Transparent and Ethical Practices: Global  Star Surrogacy upholds the highest standards of transparency and ethics in their surrogacy practices.

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Great Patient Stories

I and my wife have been struggling to conceive a baby for 9 years. We weren’t sure about surrogacy in the beginning, but when with consulted Legal Surrogacy, we knew this is the path to our dreams. Their guidance, support, and complete surrogacy services made it possible for us to welcome our little son to our family.
John Smith
With multiple failed attempts of IVF, I was scared whether I and my partner would remain childless forever. Then, through a friend, we discovered Legal surrogacy and its varied successful treatments. The fertility doctors, medical professionals, and the entire surrogacy team helped us complete the entire surrogacy process with compassion and thorough guidance.
Emily Johnson
Going through infertility can be a difficult road to walk on. And, in our case even after several attempts, we were left behind with failed attempts. However, when we consulted Legal surrogacy, the team assured us that we can still conceive a healthy baby. With the help of egg donation, today we are parents to a beautiful daughter, thanks to the team.
David Lee

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