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We are the best surrogacy agency / ethical IVF agency offering guaranteed surrogacy programs across the world.

About Global Star Surrogacy

We have partnered with some of the best IVF and Surrogacy clinics in Ukraine, US, Southwest Asia, India, Cyprus, Columbia, Greece and Georgia. The process of ART and Surrogacy can be very intimidating and stressful. We at Global Star Surrogacy, make this process a smooth, memorable and stress free experience. Each client’s medical and financial needs are different and we customise your package as per your individual requirements.

There are many legal, medical, and ethical procedures involved that require expertise in this field and Global Star Surrogacy is the medium through which the intended parents can fulfil these requirements. Our mission is to help couples create a loving family and cherish the joy of parenthood. Being an International surrogacy agency, we have compiled the best, affordable, and successful ART and guaranteed surrogacy programs across countries. Our clients get the best service without any time delay.

We are professionals and will provide our clients with the best advice to help them start their new family peacefully. Our tie-ups with world-class IVF clinics help in negotiating cost effective packages for our clients. Our team understands your urgency to complete your family or add to your family. Hence, we are prepared with all that is required to begin the process, be it donor matching, surrogate screening, legal paperwork with donors and surrogates et cetera. We will hold your hand right through the process until you take you baby back home.
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Some of our Key Features


We have cost-effective surrogacy program in Georgia, Columbia, Greece, USA, Ukraine, India and Russia.


From egg donor matching to surrogate selection, we do it all with utmost professionalism.


We also provide assistance in the paperwork required in applying for citizenship of their respective countries.


We have helped hundreds of heterosexual, same sex couples become parents from 4 continents in the last 10 + years.


IVF treatment procedures, prenatal care, and assistance with legal issues, we provide them all.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our attractive international guaranteed surrogacy programs have something unique to offer every intended parent. How?


Custom Plans

Your decision matters the most throughout the process. We never process anything unless all the options are explored and every query meets satisfactory answers.

High Success Rate

We choose surrogates from our world-class surrogacy agencies that are screened medically and psychologically to act as surrogates. Success rates have been the best with our surrogates. Our surrogate expert managers are always ready with exceptional surrogates and can process things quickly in case of an emergency.


Guaranteed Results

Our aim is to be by your side from the initial consultation and through the process till you are back home safely with your newborn.

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