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Kazakhstan surrogacy is preferred by most of the intended parents worldwide due to its favourable laws, affordable cost, and quality services.

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Building a family is an incomparable emotion that every intended parent desires to experience. However, in recent years more couples worldwide have been struggling to conceive naturally due to various reasons, majorly infertility issues. After attempting various medical procedures to no avail, Kazakhstan surrogacy is widely preferred by intended parents as an ideal conceiving option because it allows couples to conceive a genetically linked baby with its favourable laws and legislation.

The advancement in the sector of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and in-vitro fertilization makes surrogacy an accessible journey for infertile couples. However, not all countries’ legislation recognizes surrogacy as favourable process, hence international surrogacy is holding great significance specifically where surrogacy is affordable.

Countries like France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Norway have completely outlawed the surrogacy journey and other developed countries’ citizens like the USA find Kazakhstan an ideal surrogacy destination as this state provides surrogacy at an affordable cost aligned with a favourable legal framework. In addition, there are other factors as well that attracts intended parents from worldwide.

Why choose Kazakhstan as your surrogacy destination?

Kazakhstan surrogacy is in high demand due to various reasons. Let us explore the different factors that influence the successful surrogacy process in Kazakhstan to help you choose your ideal international surrogacy destination.

The convenience of intended parents

The surrogacy journey in Kazakhstan is well-regulated and simplified for intended parents to ensure a hassle-free experience. And when you choose to work with a surrogacy agency for infertility and reproductive treatment like Global Star Surrogacy, we ensure intended parents have a hassle-free surrogacy experience with legal matters, medical process, matching with surrogate or donor, and other factors.

With the assistance and support of a surrogacy agency, a surrogate mother and intended parents stay in contact via video call or audio call to make communication smooth and complex-free in international surrogacy.

Cost of Surrogacy in Kazakhstan

The legal requirements, surrogacy success rates, and cost of surrogacy vary from country to country. Though the cost of Kazakhstan surrogacy is relatively more affordable than in other developed countries, which influences alot of international citizens to move towards Kazakhstan for surrogacy arrangements.

In the case of surrogate compensation, surrogate mothers usually charge fewer fees in Kazakhstan compared to the USA. Since the surrogate’s compensation is one of the leading factors for the overall cost of the surrogacy process, the base cost of surrogacy in Kazakhstan lowers to make it an inexpensive alternative.

Match with qualified surrogate mother

There are many women in Kazakhstan who are willing to help intended parents conceive a healthy infant. We as a surrogacy agency ensure that all prospective surrogates undergo strict and thorough medical, and psychological screening tests as well to ensure a safe journey with high surrogacy success rates

Through a database of qualified prospective surrogates, intended parents are assured of finding a perfect match based on medical criteria and certain characteristics (that intended parents want in their surrogate mother) within a minimal waiting time. In addition, we assist intended parents to match with experienced surrogates who have prior pregnancy experience.

Ecological benefits

Some Kazakhstan regions where fertility clinics are located have no pollution like dust and car exhaust. This can be of great benefit for the surrogate and baby as a few scientific studies state that ecologically clean areas are more likely to have higher surrogacy success rates with IVF cycles.

Increasing medical tourism

In recent years, several foreign patients have been travelling in Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, the state’s reproductive advancement and facility influences great interest from international citizens and visit to Kazakhstan for different treatments.

The cost of various reproductive programs in Kazakhstan is quite affordable than many countries without compromising on the quality of the services. In the past 27 years, the citizens of 49 states of Kazakhstan have been preferring IVF and surrogacy programs within the country, and the frequency rate of international patients visiting Kazakhstan is around 10%

How does the surrogacy process look like in Kazakhstan?

Since the country permits only married couples to pursue surrogacy, the process of surrogacy in Kazakhstan is very similar to other surrogacy programs. Additionally, Kazakhstan permits using donated eggs if the intended mother is infertile or for other medical reasons.

Determining the intended parent’s fertility condition

To begin with, our surrogacy expert connects with the couple, undertakes their fertility history, and the treatment that they have undergone earlier, and furthermore conducts a blood test to plan the surrogacy program.

Finding a donor and surrogate mother

Our team conducts extensive medical and psychological evaluations to determine the eligibility of potential egg donors and surrogates for successful surrogacy journeys. Following this, we present a list of shortlisted profiles to the intended parents for their final selection.

Forming surrogacy contracts

Our legal team assists in creating a detailed surrogacy contract that covers all legal factors, medical aspects, and compensation. The contract is negotiated and agreed upon by both parties before being signed, ensuring a successful surrogacy journey.

Medical process

In the surrogacy medical process, a team of healthcare professionals, intended parents, and/or donors collaborate to help the surrogate achieve a successful pregnancy.

Stimulation process

The IVF expert works with the egg donor or intended mother and prescribes a few fertility medicines to start the process of producing multiple eggs.

Retrieving eggs

After a few days of observation, and analysis via sonography when eggs are ready to fertilize, they are retrieved and stored in a laboratory.

Collecting sperm sample

Meanwhile, the sperm sample of the intended father or sperm donor is collected and stored in an incubator.

Creating embryos

Sperm and eggs are combined to create embryos, which are observed by professionals for at least a week until fully developed. After conducting genetic tests, the highest-quality embryos are selected.

Embryo transfer process

The selected single or multiple embryos are transferred to the surrogate’s womb, following medication to prepare her body for the process.

Confirmed pregnancy

Two weeks after embryo transfer, the surrogate takes an HCG blood test to confirm pregnancy. Upon confirmation, she proceeds with the pregnancy journey.

Day of delivery

We inform the intended parents of the estimated delivery date, allowing them to plan accordingly for their visit.

Essential factors to look at while considering surrogacy in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan surrogacy can seem very favorable but there are a few surrogacy requirements that you must consider before committing to the process of Kazakhstan surrogacy.

  • Only heterosexual married couples can undergo a surrogacy process in Kazakhstan.
  • In the surrogacy journey of Kazakhstan, no sentence is obtained but a child’s birth certificate requires Hague Apostille.
  • Kazakhstan does not provide surrogacy programs with fixed costs, every surrogacy procedure cost would differ and multiple implantation attempts aren’t permitted.
  • Also, the intended mother must submit proof that she cannot carry a child physically either due to infertility issues or other health problems.

In addition, there are certain criteria that the legislation of Kazakhstan has pre-determined with who can apply for a surrogacy arrangement, including

  • The female partner has a few health conditions like cancer or heart disease that affects the ability to conceive naturally.
  • Abnormal or poor uterus health that fails to support the process of conception either naturally or through other medical procedures.
  • The female partner has a hysterectomy which required her to undergo the process of uterus removal and the couple has no other option left than surrogacy.
  • The intended mother has faced multiple miscarriages and pregnancy failures previously.

Is surrogacy legal in Kazakhstan?

Yes, at the legislative level, Kazakhstan surrogacy has been legalized for internationally intended parents as well. Conceiving a healthy genetically linked child in Kazakhstan becomes quite feasible. However, as we have discussed above only married couples are permitted to undergo a surrogacy process in this country to conceive a healthy baby. Though, there are certain legal factors that you must be aware of.

  • Same-sex couples aren’t acknowledged to become parents via the surrogacy journey.
  • The female partner needs to showcase her proven history of infertility issues.
  • Kazakhstan does not permit intended parents to choose multiple attempts of embryo transfer or implantation in a surrogate’s womb.

Surrogacy laws in Kazakhstan

The legal surrogacy framework of Kazakhstan was formed in 1998 when the code of “Marriage and Family” was adopted in the legislation, which furthermore established the right to use surrogacy as a way of assisted reproductive technology in the country.

In the year 1999, The Centre of Human Reproduction established the first surrogacy program in Kazakhstan. Whereas, in 2004, the law on reproductive rights and guarantee for its implantation were issued. Later on, after a few years i.e in 2009, the code of human health and health care was introduced by Kazakhstan’s legislation.

Finally, in 2012 Kazakhstan’s Code of the Republic on Marriage and Family was implemented in the legislation of this country which involves surrogate motherhood and the techniques or treatments used in assisted reproduction technology (ART).

In addition, Kazakhstan’s legislation completely allows couples to treat their infertility condition whether it is male infertility or female infertility. A woman and a man who are unmarried can pursue infertility treatments via assisted reproductive technology (except surrogacy) with legal responsibility for their infant.

Though, Kazakhstan puts some restrictions while performing surrogacy or other programs using assisted reproductive technology (ART). Citizens of Kazakhstan who are between the age range of 18-35 and physically and mentally fit, and have gone through certain medical examinations have the right to donate gamete materials, germ cells, and tissues from reproductive organs.

In addition, to obtain parental rights after surrogacy in Kazakhstan, intended parents would need a few documents to complete the process successfully. Surrogacy contracts and a registered birth certificate of your child are a must.

Due to the supportive provision and favorable surrogacy laws in Kazakhstan, many couples have gained interest to pursue a surrogacy program in Kazakhstan. Intended parents from all around the world travel to Kazakhstan in order to undergo a successful and affordable surrogacy process

Why should you work with us as your Kazakhstan surrogacy agency?

As one of the leading and experienced surrogacy agencies in Kazakhstan for infertility and reproductive programs, we closely work with local fertility clinics, doctors, donors, experienced lawyers, and surrogate mothers to provide a complete and stress-free surrogacy experience for international intended parents considering surrogacy in Kazakhstan.

Our team and surrogacy professionals work with fertility clinics that provide high surrogacy success rates and have immense experience in the field to ensure that intended parents get end-to-end solutions. From approaching prospective donors and surrogate mothers to performing physical and psychological examinations, legal services, pre-natal medical check-ups, travel, and other factors each step is overlooked by our professionals.

Though Kazakhstan already provides affordable surrogacy, however, our surrogacy programs are catered to the intended parents’ needs, conditions, and expectations of intended parents which ensures an overall affordable surrogacy program base. From the consultation stage to the day of delivery, you can be relaxed as we coordinate all the parties involved in the process to lower the chances of uncertainties.

With 15 years of experience in the field of gestational surrogacy, you can rely on us to conceive a healthy baby in Kazakhstan without any added complications. Our team ensures to guide you throughout the journey and help you plan the surrogacy journey quite effectively.

To know more about the process of surrogacy in Kazakhstan and the legal journey in the country, book our free consultation call and get in touch with us!

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