How much does surrogacy cost in Georgia, Tbilisi

Many childless couples find themselves at ease with the treatment’s affordable cost, which also aids in their ability to become parents. Couples on a tight budget may consider traveling to Georgia, where medical costs are extremely affordable and success rates are high, even for older couples. The top medical and personal care is provided by fertility specialists in Georgia to all of their patients equally, enabling them to focus on their treatment and realize their goal of becoming parents. The cost of surrogacy in Georgia does not prevent these patients from enjoying parenthood with their children.

Due to Georgia’s affordable surrogacy costs, the state is now the most popular travel destination for people worldwide. A growing number of people are visiting Georgia for surrogacy treatments, and this number is rising annually. The cost of a Tbilisi surrogacy may differ depending on several variables. To help you understand what to expect, we will break down the costs related to Georgian surrogacy in this blog.
What is the cost of surrogacy in Georgia, Tbilisi?
Factors influencing surrogacy cost in Georgia, Tbilisi?
Georgia’s Reasons for Low Surrogacy Cost
Advantages of opting for surrogacy in Georgia, Tbilisi
FAQs about surrogacy cost in Georgia, Tbilisi

What is the cost of surrogacy in Georgia, Tbilisi?

Georgia is an attractive choice for intended parents from both domestic and foreign countries because of its well-known surrogacy-friendly legal framework. The country allows both traditional and gestational surrogacy and intended parents can establish their legal rights through a court process. Georgia provides a convenient and well-managed surrogacy procedure. When compared to many other nations, the cost of surrogacy in this Tbilisi region can be fairly reasonable. The cost can vary depending on the intended parent’s needs and legal requirements, the number of tries, complications, egg donation, etc.

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Factors influencing surrogacy cost in Georgia, Tbilisi?

In Georgia Tbilisi, surrogacy fees can vary depending on a number of factors. It’s crucial to remember that surrogacy expenses can differ significantly based on the particulars of each case as well as the services that the clinic or agency offers. The following factors could affect Georgia surrogacy costs:

  • Surrogacy agency fees – The surrogacy agency or clinic’s fees can account for a sizeable amount of the total costs. These could include finding a suitable surrogate, consultancy, support throughout the process, and administrative, legal, and agency costs.
  • Surrogate compensation – One significant expense is the amount paid to the surrogate mother. The base fee for the surrogate as well as any additional payments for travel, medical bills, and other associated costs may be covered by this compensation. Medical expenses – Costs related to in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo transfer, prenatal care, and delivery are included in medical expenses. The overall cost may vary depending on the intricacy of the medical procedures and the requirement for additional treatments.
  • Legal costs – Drafting and evaluating contracts, establishing parental rights, and handling any surrogacy-related legal issues all result in legal costs. The legal intricacies involved in the surrogacy procedure may affect these costs.
  • Egg/Sperm donor – In the case where sperm or egg donation is necessary, the costs related to these services will be added to the total.
  • Insurance for the surrogate – An essential component is insurance coverage for the surrogate’s medical costs and any potential pregnancy-related complications. Costs may vary depending on the kind and level of insurance coverage.
  • Miscellaneous – Throughout the surrogacy process, several additional costs may arise, including travel and lodging, background checks, and unanticipated circumstances. It is wise to set aside money for these unforeseen expenses.
Intended parents must conduct extensive research and comprehend the detailed cost breakdown furnished by the surrogacy agency or clinic. Clear and open communication regarding costs and services is essential during the surrogacy procedure. It’s also strongly advised to get legal counsel to comprehend Georgia’s legal requirements and ramifications.

Georgia's Reasons for Low Surrogacy Cost

Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi is a well-known location for reasonably priced surrogacy services in the nation. There are several reasons why surrogacy expenses in Tbilisi are comparatively low. Here are some of the reasons ;

  • Reduced Cost of Living: Compared to many Western nations, Tbilisi and the rest of Georgia have a lower cost of living. This includes reduced prices for healthcare, lodging, and everyday living expenditures. The more affordable overall costs may help make surrogacy services more accessible.
  • Competitive Surrogacy Market: The surrogacy sector has grown in Tbilisi, creating a competitive market. There might be price competition amongst surrogacy agencies and clinics, which could lower the total cost of surrogacy services.
  • Good Legal Environment: The laws in Georgia, including Tbilisi, are comparatively lenient and provide a surrogacy-friendly environment. Legal expenses related to surrogacy agreements are decreased because the legal procedure is thought to be easier and more transparent than in certain other nations.
  • Access to Medical Infrastructure: Tbilisi is home to cutting-edge medical facilities and knowledgeable medical professionals. Tbilisi may have lower overall costs for fertility treatments and surrogacy-related procedures than Western nations, even though the quality of medical care is maintained.
  • Cost-effective surrogate mothers: The payment to the surrogate mother differs between nations based on the standard of living. Compared to Georgia, the US has substantially higher living expenses. When compared to a US surrogate, a Georgian surrogate can fulfill her requirements for less than half the cost.
If someone is thinking about considering surrogacy in Tbilisi, they should do their research, keep up with any changes to the law, and consult experts who are knowledgeable about Georgian and Tbilisi surrogacy laws.

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Advantages of opting for surrogacy in Georgia, Tbilisi

  • Surrogacy in Georgia is more affordable than in many Western countries.
  • Georgia has relatively favorable surrogacy laws compared to some other countries.
  • There is an abundance of young, healthy surrogates available, and there is no waiting list.
  • There are reputable fertility clinics and medical professionals with assisted reproductive technology experience in Tbilisi.
  • The gestational carrier does not have parental rights over the child and is not eligible to keep the child, according to Georgia law.
  • Modern medical facilities and infrastructure, provide high-quality healthcare services for both surrogates and intended parents.
  • The birth certificate of the child can be registered without the surrogate mother’s consent.
Despite the benefits, it’s crucial to remember that surrogacy is a complicated procedure with ethical, legal, and emotional aspects. Before choosing any location for surrogacy, it is crucial to thoroughly research and understand the current laws and regulations, as well as work with reputable agencies and professionals such as Global Star Surrogacy to ensure a smooth and ethical process.

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FAQs about surrogacy cost in Georgia, Tbilisi

What is the cost of surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia?
The price of a surrogacy can differ greatly and may include surrogate pay, agency fees, legal fees, and medical costs. The price can range from $30,000 to $60,000 or more on average.
What is included in the cost of Tbilisi surrogacy?
The price usually includes prenatal care, delivery, agency fees, surrogate compensation, legal and medical costs, and other related costs. Obtaining a thorough explanation from the clinic or surrogacy agency is essential.
What are the Georgian legal costs related to surrogacy?
Legal fees include contract preparation and review, termination of parental rights, and other legal services. Working with knowledgeable surrogacy lawyers is crucial to ensuring that all legal requirements are satisfied
Can foreign intended parents access Georgia Country surrogacy?
Indeed, Georgia Country’s surrogacy-friendly legal environment accepts foreign intended parents, which attracts people and couples from all over the world.
Are there any miscellaneous or additional costs in Tbilisi surrogacy?
Unexpected medical problems, several embryo transfers, travel and lodging expenses, or legal problems could result in additional expenses. It is crucial to comprehend any additional costs that may arise.


Georgia is recognized for having well-defined legal regulations and being a comparatively surrogacy-friendly destination. In Georgia, deciding on surrogacy requires taking into account several variables, such as financial, medical, and legal considerations. Every surrogacy journey is different, for a successful and moral surrogacy process, careful consideration of the legal and medical aspects, as well as consultation with experts in the field, are imperative. The legal aspects often include detailed requirements and procedures to ensure the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. It’s important to consult with legal experts like Global Star Surrogacy and professionals to navigate the specific legal landscape for surrogacy in Georgia. Seek advice from our professionals who are knowledgeable about the most recent developments in the area, to start your surrogacy journey in Georgia contact us now.
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