Every day around 3,85,000 babies are born worldwide, estimated by the UN. Well, a lot of parents fulfill their dream by experiencing the first cry and that cute little smile of their newborn child. Though not every individual is as lucky as these families, few intended parents need to wait forever to be able to conceive. Today, surrogacy has been giving intended parents a ray of hope to build a family through a safe procedure. Even if your state does not permit practicing surrogacy, worldwide surrogacy has enabled the best surrogacy treatments and services to every individual across the globe.

Through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), surrogacy is gaining popularity and rapid success rates over the years. It has fulfilled dreams of practicing parenthood for a lot of families worldwide. While this method is popular due to its success rates yet it is still new to many individuals and the process, and laws keep changing rapidly hence there are a lot of misleading facts ruling across the world.

Whether you choose to partner with a surrogacy agency or undergo by yourself, each intended parent needs to recognize the right facts about worldwide surrogacy and a few essential factors before commencing the procedure, so that no one misleads you with wrong information or advice.

Let us make it simpler for you, here’s a quick glimpse into the topic and a few common myths about worldwide surrogacy

  • Success rates of surrogacy pregnancy
  • Factors influencing success rates of surrogacy
  • Why intended parents choose surrogacy over other methods
  • Myths ruling around the internet
  • Only rich couples can afford surrogacy
  • Only women who wish to maintain their physique consider surrogacy
  • Intended parents find it difficult to bond with their surrogacy baby
  • The intended mother cannot breastfeed her child born via surrogacy
  • The surrogate mother will be the biological mother of the child
  • The surrogate mother can keep the baby even post-birth
  • Surrogacy is an unethical procedure
  • Gestational surrogacy assures confirmed healthy pregnancy
  • Only infertile intended parents are allowed to begin the procedure of worldwide surrogacy
  • The surrogate mother needs to live with the intended parents
  • A friend or known relative can carry a baby for me
  • All surrogacy pregnancies lead to the delivery of multiple babies
  • Are you looking to build a family?

Success rates of pregnancy with worldwide surrogacy

The surrogacy success rate entirely depends on the age of your egg donor, as fertilized eggs or younger egg donors are, the quality of embryos is more likely to be better. The worldwide surrogacy process by using egg donors results in 65-70% live births per embryo transfer, it may further increase to 75-80% when you use PGT-A. The birth rates of success rates of surrogacy decline when an egg donor is at the age of 35 and it gets lowest above the age of 40.

Factors influencing the success rates of worldwide surrogacy success rates

Among all fertility treatments, surrogacy has the highest success rates worldwide. As surrogacy is expensive and time-consuming it is vital for intended parents as well to understand the procedure and factors influencing the success rates of worldwide surrogacy.

Age of egg donor

The age of the egg donor is a dealbreaker to achieving successful egg development . Someone from the age of 21 – 35 is considered to be the perfect donor. The chances of miscarriage are very low, below 10-12% when the egg donor is young. Meanwhile, for women above 40 donating eggs might lead to complications, increasing the chances of miscarriage.

Sperm donor

Healthy sperm is when a man is around 18- 39 years of age and is a non-smoker. Quality of sperm sample matters, the odd is when you get a good sperm count from a young man with good health. If an intended father has a history of any disease in the family that can be transferred to your child, in such a case you must consider finding a good and healthy sperm donor.

Healthy and fertile surrogate mother

The gestational surrogacy success rate is highly dependent on your surrogate mother. Performing physical and psychological screening is a must to check whether she is ready to carry your child. If she has previous experience with surrogacy and if she is a mother herself can be a brownie point because she will be aware of the transformation she’ll undergo during the pregnancy.

Myths ruling around the internet

There are always two sides to a coin, and likewise with worldwide surrogacy there are two sides. Well, misconceptions or myths rule over people’s minds but the truth stays unsaid. Over the years, myths of gestational surrogacy have been getting viral all over the world. Global Star Surrogacy – a worldwide surrogacy specialist is here to state the truth and right facts about worldwide surrogacy.

1. Only rich people can afford surrogacy

We have heard various surrogacy stores of wealthy or famous individuals and celebrities rely on gestational surrogacy, but this does not stop or put a restriction on the common man to consider global surrogacy service .

Although surrogacy is an expensive and long-drawn procedure, it is one of the best options that provide a genetic connection between intended parents and their children. In terms of managing the budget of your surrogacy program, there are few grants, surrogacy loans, and other means that can assist intended parents to plan their surrogacy treatment.

Also, if you partner with a worldwide surrogacy specialist, they will help you break down the cost into a few installments to make the plan feasible for the intended parents.

2. Only women who wish to maintain their physique consider surrogacy

This is one of the most common misconceptions, everyone may have come across to date. Well, a lot of women prefer experiencing pregnancy by themselves. Now, whether you must conceive a child through natural pregnancy or not is quite a subjective topic.

One of the most common reasons for choosing gestational surrogacy intended parents is struggling with infertility issues. When a woman is infertile or cannot carry a child one must consider surrogacy, after all, it isn’t a bad option as you get to be attached to the pregnancy process and conceive a healthy child.

A woman prefers global surrogacy service just to maintain or save her figure is absolutely a myth because, in surrogacy, a woman helps another woman to conceive.

3. Intended parents find it difficult to bond with their surrogacy baby

Surrogacy is all about partnership and maintaining a relationship with a surrogate mother. While intended parents cannot experience the exact moments of a baby or other pregnancy-related experiences like visiting a doctor, feeling the first kick of a baby, and many similar experiences.

A surrogate will assist you to bond with your child during pregnancy, by sharing little moments from the day, she might even maintain a scrapbook or record a video that may feel relatable to you, and also you can visit her to maintain that bond with her to feel attached with him or her.

Also, even if intended parents won’t have first-hand experience of the delivery of their child but when you hold your child in your arms, you are going to experience an indescribable feeling. Whether it is a surrogacy baby or a child conceived through natural pregnancy, there is no difference post-delivery you won’t have difficulty in bonding with your infant.

4. The intended mother cannot breastfeed her child born via surrogacy

So you are a mom-to-be and are scared about whether you can breastfeed your surrogacy baby. Well, if you are sure you want to feed your baby with your milk, then you must seek consultation from your doctor. Through few medications and care, breastfeeding to an adoptive or surrogacy child is possible.

Your doctor will prescribe you a few hormone-based pills before the delivery of your child that tricks your body to think that you are pregnant and initiates the process of milk production. Furthermore, your doctor will replace the hormone-based pills with herbal or medicine supplements to induce milk production.

Now, it’s time to stop these hormonal medication supplements and begin taking milk-producing medicines. Gradually you begin pumping and increasing frequency and duration until you finally produce milk. Under the guidance of your doctor and protocols of milk lactation, your milk supply must gradually increase by the time your baby arrives. If you still find difficulty in breastfeeding, your doctor will still guide you with certain alternatives.

5. The surrogate mother will be the biological mother of your child

In Gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother does not have any genetic link with the child. The eggs are retrieved either by the egg donor or intended mother and it is mixed in an incubator with sperm samples of the intended father or sperm donor. Usually, either of the partners has a biological connection with the baby.

The IVF process further observes the mixed gamete material to form embryos and once it is ready, embryos are transferred into the gestational carrier’s womb, where she just needs to carry your child. Until and unless you are preferring gestational surrogacy your child will carry your DNA.

Unlike traditional surrogacy, wherein a surrogate mother donates her eggs for an IVF procedure. Although, these traditional methods of surrogacy aren’t practiced these days and few countries ban this kind of surrogacy. So, your surrogate mother won’t be the biological mother of your child neither she has any parental rights for the same.

6. Surrogate can keep the child even post-birth

When you consult a surrogacy agency both the parties i.e surrogate mother and intended parents are educated on all the factors, risks, costs, compensation, laws, regulation, and responsibilities.

Before commencing the surrogacy procedure, a surrogacy agreement or contract is formed under the guidance of an experienced attorney wherein all the roles and responsibilities of both parties are mentioned during pregnancy and post-deliver as well. And without the consent of the intended parents and surrogate mother, a surrogacy agency cannot proceed with the surrogacy journey.

Also at Global Star Surrogacy, we finalize a surrogate mother who has experience with surrogacy so that she is conversant with the process, laws, and responsibilities, And, no surrogate mother cannot refuse to hand over the child to the intended parents.

7. Surrogacy is an unethical procedure

This is not just a myth that has become popular all over the world people have begun believing this fact. Well, no surrogacy is not an unethical process, it is a journey where both the parties have the same goal i.e to conceive and help someone conceive a healthy child.

The laws of global surrogacy service are well-regulated and protect the rights of both parties. One of the most reliable worldwide surrogacy specialist like Global Star SUrrogacy ensures that there is no complication or hurdle faced by our intended parents and the surrogate mother who carries a child for our client deserves compensation. Until and unless you partner with worldwide surrogacy specialist or agencies, you will have a positive outcome or experience.

8. Gestational surrogacy assures confirmed healthy surrogacy

Although surrogacy entails high success rates, there is no guarantee of a confirmed or healthy pregnancy in one attempt. Your surrogate mother might face miscarriage or complications with the implantation process like the embryo might not attach to her womb.

Every medical procedure contains certain risk factors, surrogacy as well as a few risks and complications. It is essential to speak with your surrogacy agency or fertility expert and make yourself aware of all the factors determining successful surrogate pregnancy. Though, gestational surrogacy does not guarantee 100% positive results.

9. Only infertile couples are allowed to begin the procedure of global surrogacy service

Surrogacy is one of the best alternatives that solve infertility issues or facilitate a safe process to conceive a child for infertile couples. But this does not mean surrogacy is catered to these couples only, there are same-sex couples or hopeful individuals who wish to build a family but cannot find a suitable and viable method.

Global surrogacy service fulfills the dream of everyone, whether you are an individual from the LGBT community or an intended single father or mother you can commence a family.

10. The surrogate mother needs to live with the intended parents

Well, no surrogate mother would not live with you. This myth has come from the Hollywood movie Baby Mama, but that’s not true. In the case of gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother won’t travel all the way and begin living with the intended parents.

She needs to take her prenatal care with the doctor’s guidance and relax to ensure the baby does not face any stress. Although you can meet her or communicate with her frequently, she doesn’t need to live around you.

Also, she needs strong support financially as well as emotional stability to make the surrogate pregnancy successful. And she must have her own house.

11. A friend or known relative can carry a baby for me

One of the classic examples of this is the famous sitcom FRIENDS, where Phoebe carries a child for her stepbrother. Well, listening to stories might make intended parents feel this is the right way and cut the long-drawn step of finding a suitable surrogate mother or donor. Well, your friend or known relative might be ready to support you but they might not qualify for the surrogacy procedure.

Also, having someone known as a surrogate mother can create various emotional complexities. Whereas, a surrogacy agency like Global Star Surrogacy – a worldwide surrogacy specialist looks for a complete background check of a surrogate mother and performs physical as well as psychological assessment to check if she is ready to carry your child.

Even though seeking help from your friends and relatives might feel like a perfect option, it is one of the most believed misconceptions among intended parents due to a lack of awareness of further complications.

12. All surrogacy pregnancies lead to the delivery of multiple babies

Conceiving multiple babies through surrogacy depends on the number of embryos transferred in the implantation procedure. Now there has been a lot of debate on how many embryos one must consider transferring but intended parents must consider whether they are okay with conceiving twins.

If not then choose single embryo transfer, which assures singleton children with fewer complications. And no, implanting multiple embryos does not always lead to multiple babies. The decision on several embryo transfers can be negotiable with the doctor’s guidance and even surrogate mothers can agree upon the ideal decision. To clear the confusion consult surrogacy or IVF specialists before commencing the procedure.

Are you considering to expand your family?

Whether you are an infertile couple, same-sex couple, or hopeful individual surrogacy can fulfill your long-lost hope and dream. Having correct knowledge is extremely important when you consider a certain medical procedure, we hope our blog was helpful with the truth behind these myths.

If you are still confused about the process of surrogacy or already want to begin with the procedure, book our free consultation call!