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The European standards of medical care, affordable cost of living and advanced surrogacy labs that Ukraine has to offer, makes it a stable option for childless couples starting their own families.

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Ukraine Fact File

Ukraine positions #116 on the list of countries, which places it significantly ahead of both India and Thailand.
Embryo donation is legal.
Surrogacy is regulated in the Family Code of Ukraine, as well in Multiple Orders from the Nation’s Health Ministry.
Surrogate has no standing to keep the baby or claim any rights once the birth certificate is issued with the names of intended parents.
Ukrainian law allows the selection of the sex of the baby without the need to do so for therapeutic reasons or for family balance.
Intended parents to be legally married to do surrogacy in Ukraine.
There are no Visa requirements for citizens of the European Union, United States, Canada, as well as most of CIS and Scandinavian countries to enter the country to pursue surrogacy.

Ukraine is big. In fact it’s Europe’s biggest country (not counting Russia, which isn’t entirely in Europe) and packs a lot of diversity into its borders. You can be clambering around the Carpathians in search of Hutsul festivities, sipping Eastern Europe’s best coffee in sophisticated Lviv and partying on the beach in Odessa, all in a few days. 

Ukrainians are also a diverse crowd: from the wired sophisticates of Kyiv’s business quarters to the Gogolesque farmers in Poltava, the Hungarian-speaking bus drivers of Uzhhorod to the Crimean Tatar cafe owners just about everywhere, few countries boast such a mixed population.

A diverse landscape obviously throws up a whole bunch of outdoorsy activities – from mountain biking and hill walking in the Carpathians to bird spotting in the Danube Delta, from cycling along the Dnipro in Kyiv to water sports in the Black Sea. If the idea of burning calories on hill and wave has you fleeing for the sofa, rest assured that most Ukrainians have never tried any of the above, but love nothing more than wandering their country’s vast forests, foraging for berries and mushrooms or picnicking by a meandering river.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is both legal and secure. Ukraine, in 2009,  passed its first Laws to support surrogacy for foreign couples. Surrogacy is now explicitly regulated in the Family Code of Ukraine, as well in Multiple Orders from the Nation’s Health Ministry.

Largely, there is a much more comprehensive legal framework for surrogacy in Ukraine. The practice is available to any heterosexual, married couple with diagnosed infertility. Couples must present a valid marriage certificate and letter from their doctor stating the reason for infertility. Once the legitimate documents are provided, couples may openly pursue surrogacy adhering to the official guidelines.

Ukraine is a country that combines several advantages such as competitive prices and permissiveness regarding egg donation and PGD. However, it is not an option for single people (men or women), homosexual couples (gays and lesbians), or couples without fertility problems.

Under the Federal Laws, surrogacy contracts are fully enforceable and the child would belong to the Intended Parents from the moment of conception. Once the baby is born, the Birth Certificate is issued with the names of the Intended Parents. Thus, the surrogate has no standing to keep the baby or claim any rights. This is true even if egg or sperm donors are used and there is no biological relation between the child and the Intended Parents. Embryo donation is legal, and egg donation is well-regulated by Law. 

The Ukrainian law allows surrogacy, provided that the following requirements are met:

  • Being a married heterosexual couple.
  • At least, the father had to contribute his genetic material, being preferable that both members of the couple contribute the genetic load of the future embryo.
  • The mother of intention had to have a medical reason that made it impossible for her to become pregnant or carry the pregnancy to term without risking her own health or that of the future baby.
  • Among the medical reasons, two main causes of infertility were admitted:
  • Deformity or missing uterus, the latter being acquired or congenital (for example in the case of Rokitansky syndrome)
  • Anatomical, morphological and/or structural endometrial abnormalities that result in implantation failure and are incurable

A Ukrainian woman who wishes to carry the baby of a couple with fertility problems in her womb must meet a minimum of requirements:

  • Being of legal age (over 18 years old)
  • Having at least one child of her own
  • Being physically and mentally prepared to gestate a baby and deliver it after birth
  • If she is married, her husband’s consent is not mandatory, but it is advised that the intended parents ask for it.

The intended parents and the surrogate must sign a surrogacy contract.

The cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine is explained in detail with our fertility expert, who will guide you with the entire package.

Ukraine occupies an important spot in terms of surrogacy demand. While many countries have restrained surrogacy programs worldwide, surrogacy in Ukraine continues to be well regulated and backed by the local government. 

Kiev is a natural destination for overseas surrogacy, also one of the safest-feeling capital city of Ukraine. For decades, Ukraine was a popular destination for international adoption, serving many childless couples around the world. That history of service evolved to include surrogacy services, and in 2009 the country passed its first Laws to support surrogacy for foreign couples. Surrogacy is now explicitly regulated in the Family Code of Ukraine, as well in Multiple Orders from the Nation’s Health Ministry.

Data from the World Health Organization rates Ukraine as having low incidents of low birth weight and infant mortality.

For intended parents who meet the legal requirements, there are additional advantages that contribute to making Ukraine a star destination for surrogacy. The medical facilities and infrastructure is as exceptional as any US or European IVF clinic. Ukraine is among the most technologically advanced countries and it offers cutting-edge surrogacy technologies.

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