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Georgia Fact File

Surrogacy in Georgia standout due to low surrogacy cost, minimal documentation requirements and 100% legal protection as per Georgia surrogacy laws.
Commercial surrogacy is legal
Egg donor detailed profile is shared

Georgia is a great choice for surrogacy due to the affordable cost of surrogacy with good success rate.


Tourists from the USA, Japan and EU can now come to Georgia without a visa for a maximum period of three months.
The Georgian law only gives heterosexual couples the right to have a child through surrogacy.
It is perfect for medical tourism, due to low costs & beautiful sightseeing areas around

Before going deep into how surrogacy works in Georgia, first let’s discover the mountainous country of Georgia – known for its scenic beauty, snowy mountaintops, luscious nature, and an amazing hospitality.

A guest in Georgia is considered to be “a gift from God’’, therefore be prepared to feel welcomed and comfortable during your life-changing surrogacy journey. Food is inexpensive, you will be surprised to know how cheap the food there is. No surprise as there as Georgia is the seventh cheapest country in the world. Two Georgian dishes you simply must try are – Khinkali and Khachapuri. Khinkali is a dumpling with minced meat and aromatic herbs. Khachapuri is a delicious cheese-filled bread, containing– butter, cheese, and eggs and has many different variations.

The second highest mountain range in Europe, Shkhara which is at 5193m (17,040 ft), is in Georgia. It’s a popular destination for climbers, walkers or skiers looking for an Adventure. Traveling in Georgia is extremely safe! You will be surprised to see how safe and relaxed the country is!

Tbilisi, the Georgian capital is famous for its ultra-modern architecture and nightclubs, there is a wide choice of accommodation in Tbilisi for tourists with both high and low budget. A free Wi Fi service named ‘’Tbilisi Loves You’’ is available in all central areas of Tbilisi. Georgian official currency is Georgian Lari (GEL).

Since 1997 surrogacy, sperm donation, egg donation has been legal in Georgia, Europe. As per the law, a donor or surrogate mother has no parental right over the child born. This is mentioned in article 143 of the law of Georgia, ‘on health’. The Georgian law only gives heterosexual couples the right to have a child through surrogacy. It is not mandatory to be officially married. Georgian law also allows couples to select an egg donor on the basis of pictures and Prior to starting the treatment, receiving the couple’s written consent is required, once signed, this written consent will be used to deem the intended parents as the legal parents, with the responsibilities and authorities.

It should be also noted that the Legislations of Georgia permits both altruistic and commercial surrogacy arrangements. The compensation and expectations of the parties are part of the surrogacy contract. Having a surrogacy contract completed and signed prior to starting any medical procedure is key to every surrogacy process. A surrogacy contract or agreement is a legal document by which intended parents and surrogate commit themselves to carry out a surrogacy process. It outlines the roles, responsibilities & commitments of each party during and after the pregnancy.

Surrogacy contract or agreement make sure that each party is committed to the terms of the contract and aware of the responsibilities associated with it, it ensures the rights of all parties, it determines the compensation for the surrogate and helps in proceeding in cases of mishaps or complications.

What to look for in a surrogacy contract?

  • Financial compensation.
  • Commitment & responsibility.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Rights.

Note: Surrogacy contract or agreement is reviewed and approved by qualified attorneys.

Georgia is a great choice for surrogacy due to the affordable cost of surrogacy with good success rate.

Gestational surrogacy in Georgia stands out due to low surrogacy costs, minimal documentation requirements and 100% legal protection as per Georgia surrogacy laws. The gestational surrogacy cost depends on what services you may require. It is advised to check carefully what services are covered and what is not included in the price list, to get a clear idea of the overall cost.

Some clinics may charge extra for screening, consultations, scans, stimulation drugs, compensation of donors, traveling and stay cost.

Surrogacy in Georgia has been legal since 1997 and it has become a popular destination for intended parents from the USA, UK, Australia, China, Israel, and other countries.  In Georgia, surrogacy journeys are viewed as legal contracts in the eyes of the law, this means that courts will support and maintain surrogacy agreements, as long as they are created in good faith with each party represented by right legal guidance. A surrogacy attorney must create your surrogacy contract in Georgia in order for you to proceed safely and legally. 

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Trust and compassion are key during the surrogacy process. When my husband and I had twin boys in 2014,halfway around the world in Thailand, we were blessed to have Rekha as our primary contact. She was a ray of light when surrogacy was suddenly outlawed in Thailand during the second trimester. She kept us sane.

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