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Unlike other nations, surrogacy in Cyprus is much more lenient and liberal with how it is laid out.

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Cyprus Fact File

Cyprus is known as the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’.
There is no regulation on surrogacy.
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean.
Surrogacy procedures are available to single intended parents or couples
Cyprus is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious country.
The legislation in Cyprus allows prospective parents to choose the characteristics of the donor but without revealing the identity of the donor.
According to the law, It is possible to freeze your embryos here and send them abroad or to your own IVF clinic or to apply for a surrogacy program.

Cyprus, with a land area of 9251 square kilometres, is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Its nearest neighbours are Turkey (75km) and Syria (105km) respectively. The capital, once Nicosia, now Lefkosia and Lefkoşa, is over 900km from Athens and only 250km from Beirut. The island’s highest point, at 1952m, is Mount Olympos.

Cyprus is an ancient country blanketed by rugged mountains, beautiful castles, and forts. With history dating back to the Greek and Roman empires, Cyprus has a rich heritage which is reflected in its architecture and culture. This country is also a popular Mediterranean destination where the past meets the present.
Surrogacy in Cyprus

The most economical European destination to apply to assisted reproduction therapies, where gamete donation and sex selection are fully regulated , which makes this country an ideal destination for couples who prefer a specific sex for their first child. It is a treatment not available in all countries or regulated in a way that is not always adapted to the needs of patients. The economic price and legislation on assisted reproduction make Cyprus an ideal destination for all family models.

In Cyprus there is no regulation on surrogacy, therefore, clinics accept to transfer embryos from intended  parents to a surrogate mother, without breaking any law. The agreement or surrogacy contract between the surrogate mother and the future parents lacks validity, being unenforceable before a Court. The maternity of the child born by subrogation is granted directly to the pregnant woman for having given birth to the baby. In case of being married, paternity will correspond to her husband. It does not take into account the genetics of the baby, nor the will of their intentional parents.

Just after 3 months from the birth of the child, the pregnant woman can express her willingness to renounce motherhood and give the child for adoption to the intentional parents. And there, after an adoption lawsuit, the birth parents can become the legal parents of the baby. If the pregnant woman decides to keep the baby and does not give up her legal motherhood, she can do it freely, and the intentional parents can not claim the child’s filiation, losing their child inevitably.

Assisted reproduction in Cyprus is regulated by  law 69 (I) / 2015 . Among other relevant aspects, this regulation refers to the way of acting in relation to the reproductive procedures carried out with donor gametes. It is important to indicate that the law establishes that it is not possible to create embryos from donor gametes if there is not a couple or infertile person who is going to need them, that is, some  receivers awarded.

As for the recipient of the donor gametes, it can not exceed the established age as the moment when the  natural reproductive capacity , established at 50 years of age, ends.


In Cyprus, our fertility expert will guide you with every step from the suitable treatment, to the cost of the entire treatment and the inclusive and exclusive details.  Contact us now to plan your journey of surrogacy with global star. 


The island of Cyprus is divided into two states. The north (Turkish side) is an occupied territory that depends on the administration of Turkey and the south (the Greek side) is an independent republic belonging to the European Union. By law, egg donors are anonymous and details of appearance, ethnicity and area of ​​study are given, along with a brief message from your donor. The legislation in Cyprus allows prospective parents to choose the characteristics of the donor but without revealing the identity of the donor.

The medical information of the donor will be confidential and only the future child will be able to access it under a favorable report from the Board. Each of the clinics will accept donors from the chosen agency (with photos and family background available) and on both sides are ISO certified clinics with the latest technology and modern facilities. It is also possible to freeze your embryos here and send them abroad or to your own IVF clinic or to apply for a surrogacy  program. The benefit is knowing that your embryos are of high quality, the waiting times for an egg donor is one week, and in either of the two parties the selection of sex is legal.

Why choose Surrogacy in Cyprus?

Surrogacy in Cyprus is comparatively less expensive than an other part of the European System, making it one of the most preferred destinations for surrogacy around the world. Due to the legal framework in the country, you can take advantage of options like surrogate selection, unlimited IVF procedures, compensation and care of surrogate, and post-birth care for the surrogate mom and newborn and birth certificate issuance.

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