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Colombia offers first-rate, cost-effective medical services and first-world infrastructure for surrogacy making it a good option for international surrogacy.

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Colombia Fact File

There is support for providing international surrogacy in Colombia to couples, singles, and same-sex partners.

Colombia is the most economical, low-cost gay-friendly surrogacy country;

Under Colombian law, donors must be anonymous

All family types since 2015 can avail surrogacy services in Colombia irrespective of his/her sexual orientation.

Equal rights also extend to foreigners in Article 100 of the Constitution which grants foreigners in Colombia the same civil rights and guarantees as those granted to citizens and this includes international surrogacy too

According to data provided by the WHO – the Colombia healthcare system ranks #22 of the 191 countries on their list.

The process of applying for a passport is simple and straightforward and will take about 3 to 4 weeks in Colombia. The baby may also return home with Colombian citizenship and passport.

Soaring Andean summits, unspoiled Caribbean coast, enigmatic Amazon jungle, cryptic archaeological ruins and cobbled colonial communities – Colombia boasts all of South America’s allure, and more.

A wealth of ancient civilizations left behind a fascinating spread of archaeological and cultural sites throughout Colombia. The one-time Tayrona capital, Ciudad Perdida, built between the 11th and 14th centuries, is one of the continent’s most mysterious ancient cities, arguably second only to Machu Picchu. Even more shrouded in mystery is San Agustín, where more than 500 life-sized ancient sculpted statues – some 5000 years old and of enigmatic origin – dot the surrounding countryside. And then there’s Tierradentro, where elaborate underground tombs scooped out by an unknown people add even more mystique to Colombia’s past.

Led by Cartagena’s extraordinarily preserved old city, Colombia offers an off-the-radar treasure trove of wonderfully photogenic cobblestoned towns and villages that often feel like they hail from a different century. Unweathered Barichara and sleepy Mompós feel like movie sets, while whitewashed Villa de Leyva appears stuck in 16th-century quicksand. Colombia’s panorama of postcard-perfect pueblos are among the best preserved on the continent; just don’t explore them in high heels!

The legal framework in Columbia is well established for prospective Intended Parents, making this country an increasingly popular international surrogacy destination. There is support for providing international surrogacy services in Colombia to couples, singles, and same-sex partners.  Colombia has positive legislations and a favourable position on surrogacy relationships. All family types, since 2015, can avail surrogacy services in Colombia irrespective of his/her sexual orientation. Due, to this many surrogacy centers are offering surrogacy for gay couples.

 All Colombians are eligible for public health insurance, and this includes surrogates and new-born babies as well. 

Surrogates must have at least one child of their own with a history of complication-free, full-term pregnancies and should be typically between 21 and 37 years of age to be eligible to proceed as a surrogate. 

The Constitutional Court’s outlined the necessary requirements and conditions of a surrogacy program including:

  • There is a physiological problem to conceive the eggs for the IVF are not provided by the surrogate mother (there is no biological link to her) .
  • The surrogacy process is altruistic (non commercial).
  • The surrogate mother meets a series of requirements such as adulthood, psychophysical health, having children, etc.
  •  The surrogate mother must pass strict medical and psychological evaluations.
  • The surrogate (once pregnant) cannot retract the delivery of the child on behalf of the parents.
  • The biological parents cannot refuse the child under any circumstances.
  • The death of the biological parents before birth does not leave the child unprotected .
  • The surrogate mother can only terminate the pregnancy with a medical indication from her doctor.

In Colombia, there is no discrimination and the average cost of surrogacy is significantly lower than countries like the US. For those who cannot afford an exorbitant cost for surrogacy services in countries like the United States, opting for surrogacy in Colombia may be a great solution since the gestational surrogacy cost is quite low.

Affordable surrogacy in Colombia is possible because of the low cost of living combined with many of the first-world infrastructure and medical facilities. Colombia enjoys a cost of living about one-third of California.

Many countries have prohibitions, restrictions against using a gestational carrier, and these lead to international surrogacy journeys in countries like Colombia and the USA which have written laws or case laws that have entrenched a precedent on the subject. But the gestational surrogacy cost in the United States is out of reach of the average person, while being very affordable in Colombia.

As of now, Colombia is the most economical, low-cost gay-friendly surrogacy country. It is also one of the few countries offering the right amount of legal protection and financial affordability. As, there are currently minimal global options for affordable gay surrogacy, and some surrogacy agencies do not offer surrogacy for gay couples. But, In Colombia, gay surrogacy is possible. Besides, high quality and services, one dominant benefit of Colombian surrogacy is the cost.


According to the data from the World Health Organization – the Colombia healthcare system ranks #22 of the 191 countries on their list. That puts Colombian healthcare better than either Canada (#30) or the United States (#37). Also, half of the top Latin American hospitals are located in Colombia. All Colombians are eligible for public health insurance, and this includes surrogates and new-born babies as well. Surrogacy in Colombia is rising as a destination for international surrogacy due to the Constitutional Court’s decision recognizing the legality and admissibility of surrogacy contracts when certain parameters are followed. It does entail a journey for all family types and knowledge of their home country’s exit process and citizenship requirements, giving hope and answer to creating the family someone always wanted.

Why opt for Surrogacy in Colombia?

The country of Colombia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for couples (both same sex & LGBTIA+) interested for surrogacy in Colombia due to the favourable laws, advanced medical facilities and culture. The medical services on offer in the country are on-par with any first world countries. The overall cost of surrogacy is comparatively low & the legal framework is well-established and enforced. The culture in the country too is very progressive, forward thinking & positive.
Many intending parents are shocked when we tell them that the WHO (World Health Organisation) ranks the Colombian healthcare system at Rank 22 of the 191 countries on their list. What’s even more shocking is that Colombian healthcare is better than either Canada (number 30) or the United States (number 37). This along with the fact that 22 of the best hospitals in South America are based in Colombia make Colombia Surrogacy a no-brainer for many intending parents.


Why is Colombia surrogacy affordable?

The cost of surrogacy in Colombia is low due to the fact that the cost of living the country is low. Even though Colombians enjoy first-world healthcare, the cost for the same is quite low.
The cost of living in Colombia is about a third of the United States. The lower cost of living makes it so that the fees pair for medical services & the surrogate is more valuable to them.

And as we have discussed before, Colombia surrogacy is a no brainer because the medical services in the country are top notch. So you can expect to bring home your child with no medical or legal complications.

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