Commercial Surrogacy is no longer practised in India

10 April 2024, Wednesday
Commercial Surrogacy
Surrogacy is a debatable term in many households. Especially in a country like India, surrogacy is always referred to as the commodification of a woman’s body. There were multiple cases of surrogate exploitation in India, especially when international surrogacy was involved. These exploitations were in terms of the surrogate’s financial compensation.
In India, commercial surrogacy was legal from 2002 to 2015. Initially, in 2013, India banned international surrogacy for homosexuals and single parents. Following the same in 2015, commercial surrogacy was banned in India. There were more than 3000 unregulated, unauthorized, and illegal fertility clinics that were operating silently in India, harming the rights of the surrogate. Considering the same, the Indian government was forced to take strict action to uphold the dignity of the country and women.
The ban has positive aspects attached to it, such as the fact that no one can exploit a surrogate and no one can force a woman to be a surrogate. The ban has made it difficult to conceive a child(ren) through surrogacy in India, but it has opened the gates for international surrogacy for Indian intended parents. There are countries such as Kazakhstan, Colombia, Greece, Georgia, and others that offer world-class surrogacy experiences at an affordable price.
A ban is not always enforced; sometimes it becomes a necessary element to safeguard the sovereignty of the country and the people. Now, Indian intended parents can opt for international surrogacy to fulfill their parental dream while enjoying the cuisine and tourist destinations internationally. According to Rekha Suresh, a surrogacy consultant at Global Star Surrogacy, “International Surrogacy is a boon to intended parents who are not able or allowed to conceive a child(ren) in their comfort due to numerous circumstances.”.

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Commercial Surrogacy is no longer practised in India


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