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Your Surrogacy Journey With Us
Being among the best surrogacy agencies, we at Global Star Surrogacy, make sure to offer a tailored strategy and the best level of service through every step of your surrogacy process. Contact us now to complete your family frame!

Our Surrogacy Programs

We at Global Star Surrogacy believe that each step that you take should be a planned and informed one. We are here to help you understand the process fully, and answer any questions you may have about worldwide surrogacy programs. Surrogacy, in itself, is a complicated issue with respect to both the timing and the organization. We, therefore, believe that each of the key steps in surrogacy should be efficiently completed.

Our Approach

It is always helpful to engage with experienced surrogacy agencies that can first diagnose your condition before recommending a surrogacy program. At Global Star Surrogacy, you can be rest assured to get the correct diagnosis. After this, we will make sure to provide you with premium surrogacy programs at the best prices for you. Consult our experts today for a smooth and safe surrogacy process.


This is the first step to be taken prior to the consultation. You are required to share your personal details so that we can tailor the worldwide surrogacy program according to your individual needs. Please be rest assured that all your personal information will be confidential.


First Consultation

We initially do a free consultation over Skype or Email with you. The consultation helps you to understand the entire surrogacy process involved with Global Star. You will get first-hand information about the costs, timeframe, procedures, surrogate availability, legalities and more.

Start Off Your Parenting Journey

Next, we will sign a Service Agreement with you. Upon executing the same, one of our dedicated program co-ordinators will help you through all logistical processes. This service agreement includes scheduling a medical screening of Egg Donor and Surrogates, organising and co-ordinating the IVF cycles, prepping up the surrogate for the embryo transfer, regular monthly updates after confirmation of pregnancy, prenatal visit to the doctor to check if the pregnancy is as per requirements. The team will communicate with you regularly.


Choosing The Egg Donor/ Surrogate Mother

In this step, the team discusses with you over a telephonic or Skype call about your preferences for the egg donor. Then the team will identify a suitable match with one of the gestational surrogates that have been comprehensively screened by us. On average, the time required for the matching process (identifying a suitable donor and surrogate) ranges from 1 to 4 months. It also depends on your legal requirements.

Contract Signing And Payment Schedule Discussion

Prior to starting the program, we will forward the drafts of all the contracts that you are required to sign with the Agency. Contracts drafted by our lawyers will be in compliance with the surrogacy legislation in the said country. All of the important and essential conditions of the worldwide surrogacy program and the payment schedule that has been agreed upon will be clearly incorporated in the contract. Alterations to the contract signed with you can be made to suit your individual requirements in case it is necessary. We will officially start the surrogacy program as soon as all contracts are signed and the initial payments are made.


Surrogacy Clinic Visit

Next, we will organise a visit to the surrogacy country chosen by you to commence the program. We will assist with the logistics of your travel and stay. Our representative will be there with you during the course of your visit and we will schedule all your appointments and facilitate all communication between you and our professionals, including translation services. to ensure a smooth and stress-free visit.


You will receive timely updates about the progress with the surrogacy. All medical procedures related to the surrogacy program will be carried out by experienced doctors from our clinics. We will provide you with all documents and medical reports to maintain transparency.


Getting Back Home

Our legal experts are conversant with both local and international surrogacy laws and will ensure that you are provided with the required documents to apply for passport or travel document. They will also guide you on the legal work to be completed prior to the delivery. International patients will have to remain at the place of birth for about 3-8 weeks depending on each individual country’s embassy process. International parents will have to remain at the place of birth for about two to four weeks before getting back to their home country.

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Your Surrogacy Journey With Us | Why Global Star Surogacy?

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