About Us

Who we are?

We are a leading surrogacy agency, and have been working to help build families for over a decade now. Global star surrogacy is known for its optimal services, with the widest network, we cater to solve infertility issues worldwide via gestational surrogacy.

We network with the best egg donors, sperm donors, IVF clinics and surrogate mothers to help you find the right match. By offering several services, we ensure a safe and complex-free procedure that best suits your needs and gives you a healthy child on term. Understanding your requirements and consulting you with the right path has been our top priority since Day 1!

We understand that surrogacy can be quite a tedious and expensive journey to you, we strive to provide you with affordable surrogacy. To complete a surrogacy procedure successfully, it takes years of expertise and trust. We are content to say, we have been successfully assisting intended parents for years to build a happy family with a safe, convenient and risk-free journey.

Why us?

We are a surrogacy agency, dedicated to fulfilling your dream of parenthood!

Global star surrogacy understands your years of emotional, financial and physical struggle with infertility. We specialize in making your dream possible, our well- designed program solves all your concerns. From looking after all technical, medical factors to ensure a safe journey catering to the emotional well-being as well, we work to give guaranteed happiness to our intended parents.

Initiating with free consultation, we understand your needs, infertility history, opted medication and treatments, your citizenship, gender preferences and many other factors to analyze to give you a perfect solution. One of the best surrogacy agency ensures a complete legal support to avoid unwanted risks by uniting with experienced family lawyers. With your trust, we promise no hindrance of any cost or risk factor relating to our surrogacy program.

Perks of choosing Global star surrogacy:

  • Customized plans.
  • Free consultation session.
  • Affordable cost.
  • High success rate.
  • Legal security with international surrogacy.
  • Complex and risk- free procedure.
  • Timely updates .
  • Transparency with our Intended Parents.
  • Collaborations with reputed IVF clinics and hospitals.
  • Liaising with travel agents, attorneys, hotels and all logistics involved.
  • Unconditional care and support to our surrogates and IPs.
  • Easy and convenient process for gay and single parent surrogacy.
  • We ensure thorough guidance, prior you begin the surrogacy process.

Meet our Team

Rekha Suresh

The Founder and CEO of Global Star Surrogacy, and the face behind happiness of hundreds of content families. She has been assisting intended parents in IVF and surrogacy for 15 years now! She supports intended parents in the daunting journey of surrogacy and works on offering a successful pregnancy.

She has a background of Masters in Commerce, having an eye for perfection is what makes her stand tall. Over a casual discussion with a friend, she entered the field of surrogacy and within months of working she found her passion. “While helping intended parents create a life, I found my baby – Global Star Surrogacy.” says Rekha Suresh.

She has been supporting intended parents throughout their surrogacy journey and believes in making long lasting relationships that are more than a family. “Today my family is hundreds strong and still growing!” – Says Rekha Suresh. Her work speaks volumes and so does her lasting relationships with her Intended Parents. The entire surrogacy experience is made hassle-free and memorable.

Background Story

Prior to starting Global Star Surrogacy, Rekha worked as an independent surrogacy consultant for 10 years. Throughout her career, she has collected a wealth of experience in surrogacy and IVF leading to her expertise today. Having worked all these years in international surrogacy and India, she is completely free to advise you on the best destination based on your individual situation. She works only on behalf of her clients, with no conflicts of interest, and she is 100% focused on her client’s ultimate success.

She has offered various fertility and surrogacy programs to hetrosexual couples, gay couples, single intended fathers and mothers from across the globe in Thailand, Kenya, Ukraine, Cambodia, Georgia, Colombia, Cyprus and Greece. Till date she has assisted more than 500+ Intended Parents from the US, the UK, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, China, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Trinidad, Belgium, Taiwan, Argentina etc.

Her Vision

Rekha Suresh aims to commence her own clinics in countries that legalize surrogacy. Furthermore, her goal is to facilitate the best global surrogacy services to Intended parents under her expertise with a proficient team.

Global star surrogacy - USP

The key objective of our consultancy is to make the surrogacy journey hassle-free and emotionally rewarding. We provide guidance and support to the Intended parents through every step, right from the time they commence on their journey till they take their babies back home safely.

Surrogacy process with Global star surrogacy

Query call

This is the initial stage, we answer all your queries, and concerns. Our expert Rekha understands your medical condition. To initiate contact, she sends an email with an introduction and a request to connect with your preferred medium. Furthermore, our expert asks for your personal details to understand your current condition with infertility with an assurance of confidentiality.

Personal details includes:

  • Infertility History
  • Type of medication and treatment for infertility
  • Your sexual orientation
  • Citizenship
  • Misscaraige (if any)

Based on these factors, then we set up a consultation session for discussion.

Consultation session
We offer a free consultation session, as per your preferred medium, we conduct discussion with our client. Our priority is to educate you about the surrogacy process with GSS.
We like to keep transparency with our clients, hence we discuss all the factors of surrogacy so that IPs can decide accordingly. The cost, risk factors (if any), time frame, entire procedure – step by step, legal information, and surrogate availability is informed during this session.
IP’s screening procedure

We ask intended parents to undergo a screening process. This is considered to be a crucial step as we understand the quality of eggs and sperm of intended parents. With these reports, we determine whether you can move forward with the self-implantation IVF process or you need a donor.

Selecting egg/ sperm donor and gestational carrier

We connect with our client over a call to understand the culture, location preference of donor and surrogate mother. With our network, we try to find the best donor with qualitative eggs and or sperm that make a good match. Once this step is completed, we move forward to find an appropriate gestational carrier who is healthy, has a history with successful pregnancy.

Commence with your parenthood journey with affordable surrogacy
We set up a service agreement with our client, once everything is discussed. Our experts will help you understand the entire process regarding logistics, medical treatment and legal. This agreement includes, scheduling screening for donors, coordinating with IVF clinics for further treatment and creating embryos successfully. Furthermore, we prep surrogate mother for embryo transfer. This agreement involves monthly updates of your child, prenatal clinic check ups. Our team communicates with our client thoroughly in every step to keep them updated about the process.
Formation and signing the contract
Before we initiate the surrogacy process, we send a contract to our client. The contract is formed by our lawyer, it is in compliance with the legislation of your preferred country. It involves all the legalities, details about gestational carrier and also it entails the cost for the surrogacy program that you opted for. You can view the contract, ask for modification to meet your needs ( if it is essential). Further we start the program, only if our client signs the contract and provides initial payment.
Clinic visit
Next step is, we organize a trip to the country that you chose for surrogacy in order to visit the clinic. We look after the logistics and stay to make the journey convenient for you, our representative will be there with you throughout your visit, and we schedule your appointments to help you understand the condition of your child, and surrogate mother. In addition, we enable communication between you and professionals, including translation services. We ensure a comforting experience for your clinic visit.
Timely updates
We ensure that you receive timely updates about the pregnancy of the gestational carrier and the condition of your child in every phase. The entire procedure is conducted under our experienced doctors. Providing timely updates and sending you reports examined in our clinics is our priority. Further, assuring with facilitating reports, sonography to keep you connected with your child.
Your child has arrived - ready to come home!
It’s time for your baby to arrive! We provide you updates with the delivery process and send you tickets to experience your child’s first cry. Prior to the delivery, you need to consider laws and legislations relating to international surrogacy. Our experts are proficient with national and international surrogacy laws, who assures to provide documents for passport or travel document.

Our legal experts guide you with all the legalities required for preceding the delivery. Intended parents have to stay at the birthplace for around 3-8 weeks depending on your home country’s embassy process. Furthermore, once you reach your home country, you are supposed to perform a DNA test in order to get a parentage order successfully. With the completion of all the legal processes, your child is ready to come home.