What is worldwide surrogacy? Why to choose worldwide surrogacy?

There are various options to become parents. Deciding the best alternative can be a difficult task and overwhelming procedure for intended parents depending on their sexual orientation, infertility and medical factors, age, and other reasons. Once you and your partner have selected surrogacy as your ideal method to conceive, the next stage is to determine the right surrogacy agency and surrogacy program. Well, today intended parents also consider worldwide surrogacy, but the decision is quite confusing.

Domestic or international, which way is ideal for me? Well, it depends on where you currently live and what are your requirements. Surrogacy itself entails multiple factors and a tedious process, meanwhile surrogacy overseas the procedures get way too lengthy and there’s an entire list to determine. Before we initiate discussing factors influencing successful surrogacy in foreign countries, first let’s understand what worldwide surrogacy is.

To give you a glimpse into the topic, we have listed below a quick overview of worldwide surrogacy
What is worldwide surrogacy?
Worldwide VS Domestic surrogacy
Is there any difference in worldwide surrogacy expenses?
What are the factors influencing worldwide surrogacy costs?
Surrogacy in the USA
What are the risk factors in worldwide surrogacy?
What are the best countries for worldwide surrogacy?
How does worldwide surrogacy work?

What is worldwide surrogacy?

Surrogacy is popular worldwide as it offers beautiful perks to Intended Parents and its amazing high success rates. Now, we have been observing for years that people also travel from abroad to have a successful surrogacy experience. Yes, worldwide surrogacy has been on everyone’s mind these days, it is obviously in concern with location differences and logistics.

As you know, surrogacy involves a gestational carrier, and donors, and in the case of surrogacy worldwide, surrogates would be living in foreign country miles away from the intended parents. Although intended parents don’t get the liberty to be involved in the surrogacy process, they visit their destination country to meet doctors, donors, and gestational carriers.

While, among all countries, America sees a huge number of attractions for surrogacy and fertility treatments, a lot of Intended parents are willing to work with American fertility clinics or surrogacy agencies for successful implantation, as it is popularly known as an international surrogacy center. However, there are a huge number of Americans who choose to go for commercial surrogacy agency.

Worldwide VS Domestic surrogac

Surrogacy laws keep changing rapidly, and talking about domestic surrogacy varies from country to country. Before we discuss the differences between domestic and worldwide surrogacy, let’s understand the reasons why intended parents and couples choose surrogacy overseas.

  • The laws and regulations of surrogacy vary from country to country, intended parents living in surrogacy-friendly countries may choose worldwide surrogacy to get a program with affordable cost.
  • Few countries allow altruistic surrogacy wherein compensated surrogacy is prohibited, using a known donor or surrogate may create complications.
  • There are very few states that allow gestational surrogacy to gay couples; hence it is a must same-sex couples to look for a foreign country that has gay-friendly surrogacy laws.
  • The same goes with single intended parents, very few countries permit surrogacy for individuals hence they may consider worldwide surrogacy.
  • While few couples may simply consider surrogacy overseas for better medical facilities and treatments.
Depending on the reasons, and the state you live in, worldwide surrogacy can be a complicated and more tedious process. Although domestic surrogacy has been improved due to advancements in treatment, laws, and procedures, there are still countries that do not permit gestational surrogacy at all.

States like Australia, Canada, and the UK, individuals, and couples from these states may prefer advanced countries like the USA, and Georgia to have smooth experience via international surrogacy centre. Whereas, intended parents in the USA can benefit from surrogacy-friendly laws.

Intended parents can seek another state if their home state isn’t favorable for surrogacy to get a better surrogacy program with better treatments and gives legal protection within the country. It is easier to move to another state than a new country, and communication and involvement for intended parents get simpler. Comparatively, surrogacy laws in the USA are more well-regulated than abroad.

Is there any difference in worldwide surrogacy expenses?

The quality and quantity of surrogacy services determine the cost of the program. Advanced countries with medical treatments like the USA, Georgia, Cyprus, and related countries may have expensive surrogacy programs for individuals from countries who aren’t privileged to undergo surrogacy programs within their country with safe procedures.

Catered to US citizens, they consider global surrogacy because they want a surrogacy that is affordable and cheaper compared to their home country. Surrogacy is a big decision, and involves loops of intricate medical assessments to receive a healthy child hence cheaper options cannot be always worth trying!

Saving money for surrogacy means that you will have fewer surrogacy fees and lesser compensation to your surrogate. In any surrogacy journey, intended parents would always pay a good amount of money to the gestational carrier. Surrogacy isn’t a place to cut the cost when someone sacrifices and puts in their effort, time, and energy to assist you to create a life.

When you are planning to commence a family via surrogacy, consider what is essential for you – saving money or getting a qualitative surrogacy program that you can rely on and trust in the journey. With thorough guidance, intended parents can afford and choose domestic surrogacy (Americans). However, if you are thinking of surrogacy abroad (any state’s citizen) it is advised to look for a trustable surrogacy agency that is experienced and provides right consultation.

What are the factors influencing worldwide surrogacy costs?

Worldwide surrogacy can be expensive and tedious due to the difference in distance, logistics, advancement of treatments, legal matters, compensation of donors and surrogate mother, fees of a surrogacy agency, and many more.

The process of surrogacy can be lengthier due to delays in medical and fertility assessment, although apart from duration intended parents who are thinking to choose international often have a concern about the cost of surrogacy overseas. We have listed down few factors that influence the cost of worldwide surrogacy service:

Medical expenses

Getting pregnant through surrogacy involves multiple rounds of screening and needs thorough observation by IVF specialists. From finding a donor match to performing an embryo transfer procedure with your surrogate mother, it is an extended procedure. It requires medical, and psychological assessment of donors and surrogate mothers by using the IVF method.

In case a surrogate mother faces failure in conceiving or miscarriage, the cost may increase. Also, if intended parents choose to ship the embryos to their destination country then the overall surrogacy expense will differ.

Compensation for gestational carrier

The majority of the intended parents seek worldwide surrogacy that allows offering compensation fees to anonymous surrogate mother and donors. Depending on your destination country, compensation for gestational carriers may be costly or inexpensive compared to your domestic surrogacy, and also the overall compensation depends on her experience with carrying a baby for someone else.

Travel cost

Travel expenses will add to your overall surrogacy budget, even though an intended parent is familiar with travelling to multiple countries, travelling for a surrogacy program is a quite different experience and if you have selected a surrogacy destination that you aren’t familiar with then you will need entire planning with hospitality, flight tickets, and related things.

To solve your problem with travelling, a worldwide surrogacy specialist like Global Star Surrogacy – helps you with planning your travelling cost.

Hotel expenses

Though seeing the surrogate’s health and baby’s movement, the doctor estimates the ideal date for delivery but it can delay or get preponed. Hence, for the safer side intended parents must visit their surrogacy destination country before delivery, for which they will need a hotel to stay for the duration they spent their time in the country.
One of the common preferred destinations for worldwide surrogacy is the USA. As surrogacy laws are well-regulated and enforced, although it differs from state to state. There are a lot of surrogacy agencies, and fertility clinics that are quite supportive and provide end-to-end surrogacy services in the USA that make intended parents relaxed, they don’t need to worry about any process relating to surrogacy and the pregnancy of the surrogate mother.

One of the major reasons people choose the USA is because it grants intended parents within the country and foreign citizens the opportunity to become parents via gestational surrogacy. Although, a few states in the USA prohibit compensated surrogacy but yet you have multiple options within one country with assured results.

Also, few countries restrict surrogacy to a particular gender or marital status whereas, whereas heterosexual, gay couples. single intended parents, married or unmarried – everyone can successfully commence a family via surrogacy in the USA. The success rates of surrogacy are high in this country, as they offer advanced fertility treatment with updated technology with experienced professionals ensuring intended parents are free from unwanted risks.

If you already are an American citizen, the surrogacy procedure would be already easy for you as you have various means to be connected with the surrogate mother and can be involved with the process. In the case of a foreign citizen applying for surrogacy in the USA, there are no major hurdles as surrogacy agencies in the USA ensure that you meet everyone that is involved in the process either through video call or in person.

What are the risk factors in worldwide surrogacy?

Worldwide surrogacy has been favorable for many families, but it consists of many factors that need to be considered in addition there are a few risk factors that every intended parent must be aware of.

Health risk of surrogate mother

When you choose surrogacy as an alternative to conceiving a child, you trust a surrogate mother that is fit and fertile and can easily carry your child for 9 months. Intended parents believe that she will provide a safe and healthy environment for their child. In the case of domestic surrogacy, the entire screening of donors, surrogate mother is performed and intended parents can visit fertility clinics or meet the surrogate in person whenever they wish.

Meanwhile, in overseas surrogacy, it can get risky as few countries may not perform screening of surrogate mothers. Although every worldwide surrogacy specialist and fertility clinic assures a medical screening but not all countries perform psychological assessment, have a look if your desired country or fertility clinic will provide you the entire screening.

In case of miscarriage or other health-related uncertainties, your surrogate mother must be in contact with a doctor and it would be difficult for the intended parents to be in touch with the gestational carrier to understand her circumstances if they undergo this journey alone.

When you begin a surrogacy journey overseas, ensure that you have the consent of the surrogate mother and she is aware of health risks. Also, there must be a surrogacy agency, a liaison between two parties so that there is no gap in communication, in case of uncertainties an agency will be there to look after.

Financial risk

As we discussed above, distant surrogacy is a bit different and tedious compared to domestic surrogacy. Depending on the country you live in, the overall cost of international surrogacy will differ.

While few international countries may offer affordable surrogacy but they do not assure the prime quality of their surrogacy services and there might be complications amid your surrogacy journey. Hence it is important to have worldwide surrogacy specialists by your side so that you can rely on experts and experience a hassle-free journey.

Also, do your research on various countries and its cost. Ask friends or relatives who became parents through surrogacy. When you look for a surrogacy agency, educate yourself about the legal barriers, costs, and other requirements. Surrogacy is an expensive alternative but is worth trying for its positive results.

The cost of surrogacy involves a few factors:

  • Immigration cost
  • Travel costs when the medical process is delayed
  • Additional medical or IVF process
  • Legal cost – applying for pre-birth order, allowance of exiting country, or lawyer’s fees

Other legal credentials to determine

Determining the surrogacy laws of a particular country is essential but more than there are legal credentials that intended parents must be aware of, to experience a hurdle-free surrogacy process.

Parents' names on the birth certificate of the child

Most countries include birth parents’ names i.e surrogate mother and her spouse ( if married) or the intended father’s name on the birth certificate of the baby. To change the names of parents, intended parents must apply for a pre-birth order in their country. It requires certain legal documents that an experienced lawyer can assist you with.

Obtaining a child’s birthright citizenship

Most countries do not grant citizenship to a child born via surrogacy. Even though the surrogate mother could be a citizen of that country, the newborn does not get birthright citizenship. Intended Parents must look for authorities to obtain citizenship for their child in their home country.

Passport application of your child

Intended Parents would need a passport of their child to take the baby back home. There are certain criteria for the application, but now the rules vary from each other. To understand the laws in depth kindly confirm with a worldwide surrogacy specialists like Global Star Surrogacy

Also, determine the entry and exit requirements – intended parents would need a visa to visit their destination country. Meanwhile, to exit with a newborn i.e return back home, there are certain rules to be followed. To know the rules in depth, ask your lawyer or worldwide surrogacy specialist.

What are the best countries for worldwide surrogacy?

This is the first question every intended parent has when they are sure to go for surrogacy overseas. As we discussed, the ideal destination would depend on every individual. For instance, Georgia is an ideal country for heterosexual married couples, whereas gay couples all across the world find Colombia and Cyprus as the best-suited country due to their favourable surrogacy laws and programs.

In the case of intended single parents, Greece is the best country anyone can go for! And as we discussed the USA is favorable for every individual who wishes to expand their family via gestational surrogacy.

Worldwide surrogacy can seem quite daunting, but Global Star Surrogacy supports our IPs throughout the process. From understanding the Intended Parent’s medical condition, consulting suitable surrogacy programs and country to looking after every legal aspect we ensure to provide end-to-end services.

How does worldwide surrogacy work?

The surrogacy process overseas is similar to domestic surrogacy, however, there are a few additional steps to be followed due to the difference in distance, including:

  • Sending the reports of the intended parent’s screening to enlighten the IVF specialist of the designated country.
  • In a few cases, gamete materials can be shipped if intended parents already have good-quality frozen embryos.
  • Additional legal procedures due to differences in surrogacy rules and legislation
  • Applying for a visa and a child’s passport
  • The additional step for changing the parent’s name on the birth certificate of the baby.
Determining all the factors, worldwide surrogacy can happen smoothly through guidance. To know more about surrogacy overseas, book our free consultation call or visit our website.


Worldwide surrogacy has been gaining more attraction for its best results and success rates. With the determination of all the factors and rules, you can fulfill your dream of creating a new life.

From selecting an ideal country to clearing all the legal matters, it is a long-drawn process. Our expert ensures to stand by you throughout the journey and ease your doubts, and concerns during the process.

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