The Physical, Emotional and Health Risks of Surrogacy [And How We Minimize Them]

Building a family is a dream of everyone but not every intended parent can fulfill this dream. You don’t need to worry; gestational surrogacy has opened the doors to conceiving a child with a safe and hassle-free process. Today, every individual can become a parent worldwide irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, location, or marital status. Although there are surrogacy risks that need to be considered, we have discussed in detail further in this blog.

Deciding to become a parent via surrogacy takes a lot of factors in order to conceive successfully. The gestational surrogacy process requires a surrogate mother and donors (depending on the fertility condition of the Intended Parents). Whether you are same-sex couple, you can still conceive baby successfully also termed as gay surrogacy.

You may have to undergo multiple rounds to achieve successful implantation using the IVF procedure, it includes a few medical and legal complications. Ensure that you have a surrogacy contract to avoid any complications and have a clearance about the journey. Before we discuss the risk factors, let’s go through the process of gestational surrogacy.

Gestational surrogacy process for Intended Parents

Considering surrogacy can be a life-changing decision for Intended Parents. Though, a lot of individuals are anxious to even consider this method. Your concerns are valid but Global Star Surrogacy agency ensures a hassle-free process with good and positive outcomes. Although the process of surrogacy and IVF can take time compared to other fertility treatments, let's have a look at a detailed process roadmap.

Gamete material

The process begins with Intended Parent's gametes, they provide samples of sperm and eggs in fertility clinics. Although sperm collection is very simple and takes only a couple of hours, egg donation takes time and needs treatment (ovarian stimulation) to get a successful donation process. Normally, the treatment takes up to 14 days from the egg donor’s natural cycle. When the eggs are extracted successfully, it is further mixed with the intended father’s sperm in a laboratory using IVF process to form embryos.

Getting perfect surrogate match

Gestational carriers or surrogate mothers are recruited by professionals, it needs a good network and expertise to get an appropriate match for the intended parents. A proficient surrogacy agency like Global Star Surrogacy understands your needs, and expectations check a few factors before finalizing her, including:

  • Background check
  • Her age
  • Prior experience with surrogacy and must have her own child
  • Cultural background check
  • Ensures she does not have a habit of consuming drugs, alcohol, or smoking.
Before you begin with further surrogacy process, a surrogacy contract must be formed between IPs and gestational carrier.

Beginning the pregnancy journey

The fertilization procedure produces several embryos, though the best quality embryo is used to place embryos in the surrogate mother’s womb and others are frozen in case we need to repeat the embryo transfer procedure or else Intended Parents can donate to someone in need. Meanwhile, the surrogate mother undergoes a treatment – endometrial stimulation which takes 2-3 weeks from her natural cycle.

Pregnancy and prenatal stage

Once a pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate mother begins with taking prenatal care like any other pregnant woman. In developed countries, surrogate mothers stay in their homes and practice all the prenatal check-ups, care, and tests with their obstetrician.

Whereas in developing countries, gestational surrogates are offered a house in a communal area, this gives relief to intended parents that the surrogate mother has all the access to prenatal care and facilities to rest. And a surrogate mother can completely focus on her health

Take your baby home

Depending on the surrogate mother’s medical condition, the obstetrician suggests the date for the delivery. We update you with details for the delivery and send you tickets and facilitate your stay, trip, and related things in case of international surrogacy.

Once your child is born then comes the legal procedure into action. Usually, on the birth certificate, the birth parent's name (surrogate mother and her spouse if she is married) is mentioned and not the intended parents, and you as an IP have to apply for a parentage order in your country to change the parent's name.

In the case of international surrogacy, you will have to apply for a child's passport prior to delivery and citizenship within 6 months of the birth. All these tedious legal formalities are looked after by Global Star Surrogacy and ensure you don’t face any hurdles in order to take your baby home.

Share a beautiful relationship with your gestational carrier

One of the benefits of surrogacy is you can bond with the surrogate mother and share a good relationship with her. The moment you finalize a surrogate till your baby arrives, the bond you share with your gestational carrier would be different and unique. At times, Intended Parents stay in touch with the surrogate mother even after years of the child’s birth.

A lot of Intended Mothers fear that they won't be able to connect with their child as the surrogate was the one to carry the child and be emotionally connected with her/him. But, coordinating and communicating throughout the pregnancy process can help you understand and connect with her.

Although, remember being a surrogate itself is a difficult journey, hence ensure that you as an Intended Parent do not keep unrealistic expectations with her. Being a gestational carrier, she might undergo a few processes and have health risks like miscarriage but make sure you accept the journey and her.

Though connecting with surrogacy agencies you do not have to worry much as Global Star Surrogacy facilitates the best surrogacy services with experienced surrogate mothers and in case of any failure, we support you with good alternatives.

Which are the health risks involved for a surrogate mother?

Yes, there are certain health risks to surrogate mothers. Although every individual’s experience would be different, and hence the level of complications will differ, the process involves a few common risks that every surrogate goes through. If you are considering selecting a surrogate mother, you need to understand a few factors and risks she undergoes.

Health Risks of Surrogacy

Like any pregnant woman, a surrogate mother would face common pregnancy health risk factor like nausea, morning sickness, weight gain, back pain, swelling, and other side effects. The surrogate mother may face few other serious effects, though it is conditional. Diabetes, hypertension, or reproductive organs damage .

Using IVF, surrogates may face surrogacy miscarriage or preterm labor. It is advised to stay in touch with a doctor to reduce the complications and ensure you take the right medications and complete rest during the pregnancy.

In gestational surrogacy, using the IVF process there are some minor health risk elements as you will have to take a few medicines for surrogacy IVF like injecting yourself with IVF medications. You may experience little needle bruising to temporary allergy reactions. Also, once you begin medication to regulate the menstrual cycle in order to get pregnant, you can experience increased menstrual syndrome effects like headaches and extreme mood swings.

Furthermore, there are surrogacy health risks related to embryo transfer procedures too, you can expect slight headaches or bleeding during this process. In rare cases, you can experience infection hence it is vital to be in close contact with your doctor to get proper treatment on time.

In surrogacy, carrying multiple babies is very common, hence you should know the risk of carrying twins or triplets. The risk factors involve preterm labor, low birth weight of baby, and cesarean section will be performed in the case of multiple babies. If a surrogate mother is carrying more than one baby, the doctor will instruct a guideline to take extra care in her daily routine.

Surrogacy agencies like Global Star Surrogacy guide Intended Parents as well as a surrogate mother before commencing a surrogacy program and ensure there isn’t any hindrance in terms of risk factors, cost, legal implications, or any other factors. Also, we have a network with top fertility clinics, doctors, and IVF specialists that guides you throughout the journey to avoid unwanted health complications.

Emotional Risks of Gestational Surrogacy

Along with the physical health risk, a surrogate mother can face emotional risks or challenges. Although surrogacy itself is challenging more than physical pain and risk, few women find it extremely challenging emotionally as they are not taking the baby at home. In the span of 9 months, you gain some attachment with the baby and hence it can get difficult to give away the child even if you are a professional gestational carrier.

With surrogacy, you may undergo anxiety, and feel lost during and after pregnancy. Although you will feel excited and overwhelmed at the same time after a certain point, it would be difficult to let go of the child and practice grief.

It’s extremely important to seek surrogacy counseling with a psychologist before you conceive and understand to maintain boundaries and what expectations you should keep post- pregnancy. Also, surrogacy can impact the relationship between you and your family, it is important to communicate and have their support throughout the journey.

One of the common emotional challenges faced by gestational carriers includes:

  • Feeling exhausted and fatigue
  • Probability of postpartum depression
  • Stress and hypertension in balancing the responsibilities of her family and surrogate responsibilities.
Furthermore, remember emotional challenges with surrogacy are normal. Talking it out with Intended Parents or a counselor can make your process quite easy and bearable, you are not alone in this.

How does Global Star Surrogacy agency reduce health risks?

We understand the surrogacy risk factors with surrogate mothers may sound scary to both Intended Parents and surrogate mothers. Global Star Surrogacy’s program is designed to terminate the risk factors with surrogacy and surrogate mothers’ health. We have been working for years to provide a safe and hassle-free process for Intended Parents to determine all the elements.

There are two main elements, our experts ensure to perform in order to reduce risk with surrogate mothers:

Medical screening: To ensure the surrogacy success rate and gestational carrier is a perfect match for our Intended Parents, we look for certain criteria like:

  • She must have prior experience with surrogacy
  • She must be of gestational age i.e 21 – 38 years
  • She is medically fit to carry a baby
  • She does not have HIV or AIDS
  • She does not have a habit of consumption of alcohol, drugs, and smoking.
To ensure that she is a perfect match, we perform medical screening at a fertility clinic. A physical exam and blood testing will give us an idea of your medical condition and to select an appropriate surrogate for a particular surrogacy treatment.

This screening procedure confirms that a gestational carrier is fit to carry the pregnancy successfully and also gives confidence to Intended Parents that they have a better opportunity to conceive a child with a safe journey. Also, based on this medical assessment, permits us to shortlist a gestational carrier.

Psychological screening:We perform psychological screening with a psychologist or counselor. But why is it important? Because surrogacy itself is a long-drawn and difficult journey and we need to ensure whether a gestational carrier is emotionally and psychologically ready to carry someone else’s child.

The screening includes a session where a mental health professional enlightens the surrogate mother and her spouse (if she is married). Both of them are educated about physical as well as psychological factors. Also, she will be given thorough guidance about how to deal with certain emotionally challenging situations. Once we get an idea about the results, we further schedule a meeting between the surrogate mother and Intended Parents to see whether they are ready to work together.


Surrogacy can be a challenging process and involves certain risk factors but it is worth giving a shot as the surrogacy success rates are better than other fertility treatments. Remember, the surrogate mother is a human being she can face some complications but as an Intended Parent, you must support her.

Although Global Star Surrogacy agency ensures a hassle-free and complex-free surrogacy treatment, so you don't need to worry about any surrogacy risks factors, it is our duty to look after all the loopholes. Just ensure you share a good relationship with your gestational carrier and trust her.

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