A Guaranteed Healthy Child through Surrogacy with 2 Surrogate Mothers!

A lot of Intended Parents are worried about unpredictability with surrogacy. They do not want any risk with the process, as surrogacy is time-consuming and a daunting journey, also it might need multiple rounds for a successful embryo transfer. At times, a lot of Intended Parents face miscarriage with the gestational carrier in the first trimester, to avoid such incidents with legal and clinical complications we have designed a surrogacy program catered to your needs – surrogacy with 2 surrogate mothers.

This surrogacy program can also be referred to as simultaneous surrogacy. This surrogacy program is for those Intended parents who aren’t ready to wait longer and risk themselves for even a 1% probability of failure in embryo development or miscarriage, hence approaching 2 surrogates simultaneously is an appropriate solution for them. It is easier for gestational carriers to carry singleton pregnancy for Intended Parents, instead of carrying twins.

This program is favourable for intended parents of heterosexual couples, and same-sex couples. We assist in finding appropriate surrogates that suit your criteria and we look after medical, legal, and logistics areas to give you a hassle-free experience.

Let’s understand how this process works! A detailed step-by-step procedure is listed below, keep reading…

Ovary Stimulation

Prior to the egg donation, the intended mother needs to undergo medication to improve ovulation and resulting in releasing of more eggs.

Matching with the surrogates

The Intended Mother and surrogate’s cycle is matched before the stimulation either naturally or by inducing medications.

Cryopreservation of sperm

The sperm of the Intended Father is preserved by using the cryopreservation technique, in case he cannot visit the clinic frequently. If the cycle fails and the conception of surrogate mothers doesn’t happen, to handle such a situation we preserve embryos for the future.

Egg Donation
It is performed under anesthesia and ultrasound guidance.

Fertilization phase

The frozen or fresh sperm is mixed with the eggs in the incubator to perform the fertilization procedure.

Embryo Transfer

Determining the condition of embryos, Fertilization specialists would decide whether within 3 or day 5 the embryo transfer should be performed, depending on the number of eggs retrieved and embryos formed. It’s a process where embryos are transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus by catheter with ultrasound guidance.

Confirmation of pregnancy

The gestational surrogate is asked to take hormonal supplements like Estrogen and Progesterone and wait for HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) results, till then she can continue with her routine activities. After 14 days, a blood sample is taken to check HCG results in order to confirm pregnancy. Active HCG in your blood signifies a positive pregnancy blood test. After this procedure, the surrogate mother carries a baby like any other pregnancy.

Surrogacy with Two Mothers Procedure

Ovary Stimulation
Before the egg donation process the female partner has to undergo certain medications to enhance ovulation, so that ovaries release more eggs.
Matching with Surrogate
Both the genetic mother and the surrogate mother’s cycle is matched prior to stimulation naturally or induced by medications.
Cryopreservation of Sperm
In cases where husbands/male partners are unable to visit the clinic consecutively, his sperm is frozen by cryo preservation technique and kept for further use. The fertilised embryos are also preserved for future use for the remaining embryos or if the cycle fails and the conception of the surrogate mother does not happen.
Egg Donation
Egg donation is performed under anaesthesia with ultra sound guidance.
Fresh or frozen sperm is added to the eggs and kept in a dish in incubator for fertilisation.
Embryo Transfer
Depending upon the condition of the embryos, the IVF Specialist and team will decide whether on day 3 or day 5 the embryo transfer will take place depending on the total number of eggs retrieved and no. of embryos formed. . The embryo transfer is a simpler process. The developed embryo is passed on to the uterus of surrogate ready for transfer through a catheter with ultra sound guidance.
Pregnancy Confirmation
The surrogate mother then takes hormonal supplements like Estrogen and Progesterone and she can carry out her normal routine activities throughout the waiting period of bhcg result. . After 14 days, blood sample is sent to check beta hCG to confirm pregnancy.

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Significance of Selecting an apt Surrogacy Program

Surrogacy can seem a very risky procedure to Intended parents. While couples reach towards surrogacy, they have already faced multiple failures in order to conceive a baby. Global Star Surrogacy understands your struggle and anxiety with this process, hence we thoroughly support and guide Intended parents to help them build a family with the right process.

Surrogacy demands patience and a positive mindset, as you may face multiple attempts at embryo development. A successful surrogacy pregnancy depends on many factors like the legal process, the right match for surrogate mothers and donors, qualified and experienced IVF specialists, and many more. If in the midst of the process any uncertain problem leads to failure in completion of pregnancy, IPs may break down financially and emotionally. Hence, you need an experienced surrogacy agency like Global Star Surrogacy that assures a hassle-free and convenient process.

Our expert, Rekha understands your medical condition and your needs during your first consultation call. She considers every essential aspect related to the surrogacy process in order to be aware of your needs and experience with pregnancy and asks about your medical history and prior treatments to confer a suitable surrogacy plan for you. We consult our Intended Parents the best-suited surrogacy program depending on their condition, preferences, and needs.

Before we discuss, you can consider a few questions while you connect with us for our consultation call in order to get 100% clarity in the initial stage. We do not keep any hindrance with our prospective Intended Parents, it is our duty to solve all your worries and doubts. Global Star Surrogacy understands your concern with this process, hence be free and ask as many questions as you have.

Questions that Intended Parent must contemplate:

  • Is your agency experienced working with gay and single Intended Parents as well?
  • What does the surrogacy process with Global Star Surrogacy look like?
  • What is the average cost of surrogacy?
  • Do you provide legal assistance or support along the surrogacy program?
  • Do you have a network with donors or surrogate mothers in my intended country for surrogacy?
  • How does the procedure with 2 surrogate mothers work?

What are Twiblings? What does its Process Look Like?

Twiblings is the term used to describe two babies from different surrogates that look alike. Twiblings merges two words twins and siblings, it is similar to our surrogacy with 2 surrogate mothers program.

The process begins with screening and performing the process of donating or collecting qualitative eggs and or sperms to create embryos. Here the difference is that instead of opting for a prolonged journey of waiting for multiple embryo transfers, this process involves distributing embryos to 2 surrogate mothers – a max of 2 embryos in each womb.

Planning twiblings saves you from undergoing several attempts of transferring embryos and guarantees a successful pregnancy with a healthy child. One reason for approaching 2 surrogates is that in case one surrogate faces failure in pregnancy or embryo transfer, another surrogate mother carries your child. If both the surrogate mothers have a successful pregnancy journey then hurray you have a bonus benefit!

Once the embryo transfer is successful, both the surrogate mothers proceed further like any other pregnancy. Though, Intended Parents may find this process quite tedious and difficult to manage both the gestational carriers simultaneously. Hence, approaching a renowned surrogacy agency can ease your work and stress like Global Star Surrogacy does.

Financial Cost-Cutting with Advanced Treatment

For couples that find it difficult to conceive a baby naturally, advanced technology, and fertility treatments have fulfilled the parenthood dream of Intended Parents. Surrogacy with 2 surrogate mothers makes it viable to get a guaranteed healthy baby.

As per statistics, doctors have found that a lot of twin babies born via surrogacy are more likely to be premature as compared to singletons. The health risk is high with twins and also few Intended Parents find it expensive and risky to sign in for twin babies as they aren’t assured of the successful completion of the process.

So instead of risking twins and waiting for multiple attempts for a singleton embryo process, this surrogacy process involves distributing embryos between 2 surrogate mothers. It is found risky at times to hold on for multiple conceiving attempts as it can be risky for an Intended mother or surrogate mother like gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and postpartum hemorrhage.

In one single attempt, we perform an embryo transfer procedure with both our surrogate mothers that leads to cost-cutting with the expense that you would have to spend for multiple attempts. Also, having 2 surrogate mothers increases your chances of conceiving healthily as soon as possible.

What differentiates Global Star Surrogacy’s services?

Global Star Surrogacy stands tall for its promise. We have been working for over a decade to build a space, name, and process that feels safe, comfortable, and stress-free. Our proficient team members ensure complete research and details in order to process your successful surrogacy treatment.

We support our Intended Parents thoroughly by consulting you with the right services. With us, every Intended Parent gets 100% clarity about the process and legal support to avoid complications. We are a one-stop surrogacy solution for our Intended Parents, no IP shouldn’t be left unsatisfied – is our motto.

We provide you with good donors to get qualitative eggs or sperm (if needed) accompanied by a suitable surrogate mother by considering your criteria and factors like:

  • Cultural and lifestyle background check
  • Good profile
  • Location preference
  • History of successful pregnancy and embryo transfer via donation

Cost of Surrogacy Program with 2 Gestational Carriers

The surrogacy journey differs for every individual depending on the medical condition of the couple or individual, their needs, expectations, and the location they prefer. Surrogacy costs include certain factors like – surrogate mothers’ compensation, location, experience, and other medicinal expenses, attorney’s fees, and egg/sperm donor fees.

If the Intended Parents wish to opt for international surrogacy then our attorney looks after the allowance of gestational surrogacy and surrogacy for IPs. The cost may increase with the 2 gestational carriers’ surrogacy program as both the surrogates would demand compensation based on their experience, and the cost of their pregnancy process would increase.

Usually, surrogacy costs vary from country to country depending on the laws, compensation that a surrogate demands, and other factors. If the surrogate mother is from a developed country then she might charge more and in the case of developing countries would be charged less comparatively.

To get a better idea about the cost of this program, book our free consultation call now!

Why Global Star Surrogacy?

We are a surrogacy agency, committed to fulfilling your dream of parenthood!

Global Star Surrogacy understands your years of emotional, financial, and physical struggle with infertility. From looking after all legal, and medical factors to ensure a safe journey that caters to emotional well-being as well, we work to give guaranteed happiness to our intended parents.

Initiating with a free consultation, we understand your needs, infertility history, opted medication and treatments, citizenship, and many other factors in order to give you a perfect solution. One of the best surrogacy agencies – Global Star Surrogacy ensures complete legal support to avoid unwanted risks by connecting with experienced family lawyers. We promise no hindrance of any cost or risk factor relating to our surrogacy program.

Our motto is to ease the work of our Intended Parents and provide them with everything that they are looking for! International surrogacy is feasible with us, Our IVF treatments assure you a successful medium to begin your family. We are content to help hundreds and thousands of Intended Parents begin a family and give them hope for their happy days.