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Why Global Star Surrogacy for Surrogacy?
Being among the best surrogacy agencies, we at Global Star Surrogacy, make sure to offer a tailored strategy and the best level of service through every step of your surrogacy process. Contact us now to complete your family frame!

Why Us?

With our top surrogacy agency, you don’t have to worry about your surrogacy journey, our dedicated Global Star Surrogacy team will help every step of the way. If are you planning your surrogacy abroad but lack the understanding of the country’s legal framework, our legal team specialized in surrogacy will be ready to guide you throughout the journey to financial and emotional independence.

With a decade long experience of helping intended parents fulfill the joy of parenthood through our surrogacy programs, our service has been second to none. It deeply matters to us that we offer the right support through which the complex decisions of surrogacy can be managed legally, equitably, and with clear responsibility.


Know More

Global Star Surrogacy works with acclaimed fertility clinics, IVF centres, attorneys, facilitating us to cater to the support and care to our intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors. To help our clients gain an understanding of the surrogacy process, we also offer a free consultation as the first step towards surrogacy treatment. All queries and concerns related to surrogacy and newborn legal rights will be discussed and made clear to avoid future complications, allowing us to deliver unparalleled service. Our approach has only one motive; to assure that all the parties involved have the professional and emotional support to experience stress less surrogacy journey.

We have decades of experience and collaborations in Georgia, Colombia, Greece, USA, Ukraine, India and Russia, a wide array of countries to choose from depending on your personal preferences and sexual orientation. The main reason of such choice is, we match our intended parents with rightful surrogates that are screened and apt according to the preferences of our clients because we strongly believe that surrogate and intended parent bonding will make the surrogacy process much easier and simplified.

Choosing Global Star Surrogacy as your mentor for your surrogacy process will always get concluded on positive grounds with a healthy baby whose rights are protected.

With our preeminent surrogacy agency association worldwide, we have developed flexibility in catering the same to our intended parents in selecting their choice of the destination and IVF clinic based on their medical, financial, legal, and geographic aspects of the clients. Whether you are a heterosexual married couple, single parent, a same-sex couple, or HIV intended parents, our service remains impartial, safe and affordable to everyone competent and ready to take responsibility for their child or children. Apart from making the best possible surrogate matches for our intended clients, our services are also flexible towards services like PGS for genetic abnormalities, PGD for gender selection, sperm washing, egg, and sperm transportation from across the globe amongst other services. 

Benefits of Choosing Global Star


Collaboration with world-class IVF clinics and hospitals.


Uphold transparency in the entire process with our IPs.


Our affordable care and cost-effective packaes.


Experienced, judicious and accomplished experts to serve you professionally.


Liaising with travel agents, attorneys, hotels, and all logistics involved.


Propitious Timely updates along with medical reports to our IPs.


Unending care and support to our clients and surrogates right through the surrogacy journey.

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Your Surrogacy Journey With Us | Why Global Star Surogacy?

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