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FAQs About Global Star Surrogacy
We, at Global Star Surrogacy, believe in transparency and so the more you are clear about your concerns, the better it is for us to proceed. We have put together the most frequently asked questions in order to help the Intended Parents understand us.  
Why Should I Choose Global Star Surrogacy?
Global Star Surrogacy has helped hundreds of intended parents in the last decade to fulfill their dream of parenthood. We understand the delicate intricacies involved in the process of in vitro fertilization and surrogacy and hence will leave no stone unturned in facilitating a successful program so that you may finally have your own loved one.
What Special Surrogacy Services Does Global Star Surrogacy Provide?

Global Star Surrogacy is committed to helping intended parents with the entire surrogacy process. We do everything involved with the process, namely, assisting in logistics related to your travel overseas for sperm donation, hotel accommodation, translator services, etc.

We will also look after the Donor & Surrogate matching, screening, medical procedures involved for egg retrieval and embryo transfer, PGD, PGS, pregnancy management, surrogate care + accommodation, prenatal checkups.

We also assist in all legal issues involved with the process, from the initial consultation, surrogacy agreements, birth certificates with the local authorities and passport application assistance for the newborn.

Do You Work With International Clients?

Yes, of course, we do! Over the years we have helped many intended parents find their surrogates abroad and establish all the necessary arrangements. You can be rest assured that we will always have your back all through the surrogacy process.

What Types Of Clients Does Global Star Surrogacy Work With?
We come from a place of respect and acceptance for all, and so we work with anyone who is committed to having children, be it single individuals, married heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, age, or ethnic background.
Which Countries Does Global Star Surrogacy Work With?

Global Star Surrogacy has strong ties with several IVF clinics and hospitals across the globe which benefits our clients in destination options, pricing options as per budget, service options and other special offers. Our role is to guide the IPs to choose a destination as per their financial and medical requirements.

We offer a special international surrogacy program in Ukraine, USA, Georgia, India which is customizable to your needs and journey. Apart from these, we also have an exclusive Cross-Border surrogacy program in Cambodia-Thailand.

Why Should I Go Through An Agency Vs. Going Independently?

The entire process of In Vitro fertilization and surrogacy is very complex. There are several decisions that need to be taken pertaining to the process like; a suitable country, travel logistics, affordable surrogacy, escrow accounts, IVF clinics, best doctors, appointments with doctors, medical process, attorneys, donor selection, surrogate selection, pregnancy management, surrogate care and management, the legal procedure involved in obtaining the birth certificate, parental order, and passports, surrogacy agreements etc. All these arrangements can be overwhelming and stressful for the Intended parent to handle personally. That’s where a surrogacy agency steps in to help guide every step of your surrogacy journey and makes sure your journey to parenthood is beautiful, stress-free, memorable and emotionally fulfilling.

What Are The Costs Involved For International Surrogacy?

Keep in mind that Surrogacy and IVF cost differs from country to country and every fertility case is unique. Our Global Star Surrogacy team will help you in making a complete budget for your surrogacy process, attorney fees, travel costs, emergency hospitalizations during pregnancy so that no expense gets overlooked. Get in touch with our congenial team for a free consultation & tentative quotes.

What Are The First Steps To Become Intended Parents?

Your surrogacy journey starts with a free consultation to prepare you for the changes ahead of time. This consultation will mainly cover the program experience, options available, what it has to offer, the possibilities, and resolving your queries and concerns related to your surrogacy journey. Once you are ready to start with the process, the first step would be the need to decide on a surrogacy destination as per your requirements and legal preferences.
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How Does The Matching Process Work?

Once we receive your surrogate application, our program coordinator will start identifying a suitable surrogate as per your requirements. And once the surrogate is identified, an in-depth medical and psychological checkup will be done to affirm her eligibility for the surrogacy program.

Egg Donors are also matched as per the intended parent’s specifications and preferences. IP’s can choose from our extensive database of donors.

Once the Egg donor and Surrogate is finalized, the IVF process starts following with the Embryo transfer.

How Soon Can I Get Matched?

Finding the right surrogate will ease half of your problems instantly. Therefore, one must never rush in finding a surrogate. After all, it’s the matter of your child’s future.

We do have a good number of surrogates always available but still, the matching process can take at least 2 to 4 months.

Once the Egg donor and Surrogate is finalized, the IVF process starts following with the Embryo transfer.

How Many Visits Will I Have To Make To The Destination Country?

Two visits are more than enough for any intended parents throughout the surrogacy process. The first visit is for sperm donation before the IVF cycle and the second visit will be during the birth of the baby. Unless the IPs would want to meet their surrogate sometime during the pregnancy.

How Long Should I Expect To Be In The Destination Country During And After The Delivery?

Each country is disparate with the legalization after the delivery of the baby. It would typically require 3-8 weeks of stay after the birth of the baby in most countries to complete all legal paperwork for the passport application. Depending on the legal work and procedures, 2-3 weeks are sufficient for a stay in the destination country post-childbirth, giving you plenty of time for DNA tests, court proceedings, and passport application and citizenship and/or passports.

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