10 Best Countries for Surrogacy in 2024

Global Star Surrogacy - More than 40 Years of Experience

Surrogacy in USA

1. Ideal Location for Surrogacy. 2. Solid framework for Surrogacy Procedures. 3. Comprehensive Pre-screening of Surrogates. 4. Advanced Medical Facilities.

Surrogacy in Colombia

1. Surrogacy at a Very Affordable Price. 2. World Class Facilities available. 3. Treatment by top Professionals. 4. Surrogacy for all Families.

Surrogacy in Kazakhstan

1. Modern Medicine & Technology. 2. Favorable Surrogacy Regulations. 3. Affordable Options. 4. Open for Couples/Individuals and Gay Couples.

Surrogacy in Mexico

1. Wide number of  Surrogates. 2. Advanced Healthcare Facilities 3. Decades of Expertise 4. Encouraging the Gay Couples

Surrogacy in Greece

1. Excellent Healthcare Facilities 2. Thorough Screening for Surrogates 3. Open and Moral Behavior 4. Warm and Positive Environment

Surrogacy in Georgia

1. Transparent Process 2. High Success Rates 3. Family Diversity 4. Compassionate Care

Surrogacy in Cyprus

1. Low Cost Surrogacy 2. Global Accessibility 3. Short Wait Periods 4. Tailored Solutions

Surrogacy in Ukraine

1. Affordable Surrogacy 2. Unmatched Support 3. Transparent Process 4. Sensitivity to Culture

Surrogacy in Armenia

1. Strong Legal Structure 2. Cost Effective 3. Exceptional Medical Facilities 4. Diverse Surrogate Pool

Surrogacy in Argentina

1. Protection and Clarity of Law 2. Superior Medical Facilities 3. Accessibility in Linguistics and Culture 4. A Variety of Surrogacy Programs

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