The journey of parenthood is a blessing, for the ones who have embarked on the journey just the way they had planned. Though not all individuals are lucky to conceive naturally, surrogacy has been assisting many couples to conceive a healthy child. With the help of qualified gestational carriers, even a single man can become a single father through surrogacy. You don’t need to have a partner or spouse to complete your family, you alone can raise a child beautifully and conceive through surrogacy.

While the reason for embarking on a journey of fatherhood alone might vary from each individual, whether you are unmarried, widowed, divorced or any other reason nothing can stop you from beginning your family. Though, the process of becoming a single father through surrogacy is similar to the surrogacy process with other intended parents.

Although there are two types of surrogacy – traditional and gestational surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother uses her eggs for implantation, and the intended father’s sperm is inserted directly in the surrogate’s womb using the IUI process. While this process might attract single dads to be as they don’t need to find egg donors separately but this can be risky as a surrogate mother has a biological link with the baby hence it can create emotional and legal complications. Additionally, most countries do not legally recognize or permit this type of surrogacy.

Whereas, with the success of assisted reproductive technology and gestational surrogacy, the intended father can conceive a baby by combining his sperm sample with the eggs of a donor to form embryos. Those embryos are transferred into the surrogate’s womb to confirm pregnancy.

Most couples and hopeful single fathers choose gestational surrogacy as it assures the child’s legal custody and intended single fathers can share DNA with their child. This process allows them to share a biological link with the baby. Though, you must be wondering how can I become a single father through surrogacy. And which states are surrogacy legal for hopeful intended dads? Don’t worry we will be covering everything concerned with becoming a dad through surrogacy in this blog.

Let us walk you through the different stages of this process so that you clearly understand how to become a single father through surrogacy beforehand.

  • What are the intricate factors included in single-dad surrogacy?
  • How does surrogacy works?
  • Finding egg donors and surrogates
  • The process of transferring qualitative embryos
  • Perks and challenges of surrogacy
  • Which states are surrogacy legal for to-be dads?
  • You are a step away from fulfilling your dreams

What are the intricate factors included in single-dad surrogacy?

Congratulations! You have finally figured out your ideal method to embark on the journey of fatherhood. Though, single men who consider surrogacy often have common concerns like how to become a single father through surrogacy. Is it a safe procedure?

We understand your concern, gestational surrogacy is completely safe as it uses the medical process of the IVF procedure the success rate of surrogacy increases to 60-70%. Though, before you commit to the process you must know the proceedings of the journey of becoming a single father through surrogacy.

Beginning with, single intended dads would need a qualified egg donor who is fertile and has qualitative eggs and a surrogate mother who will assist you carry a child. But that’s not the only thing that this journey demands, for a surrogacy journey to get successful it requires a whole bunch of experts and their efforts, including

A Fertility doctor or IVF specialist

A fertility clinic and a specialist would look after your entire medical procedure from screening tests of the intended father, prospective egg donors, and surrogates to the formation and transferring embryo transfer. With the assistance of advanced technology and detailed examination, doctors will ensure the surrogate mother gets successful conception results using the IVF method.

Mental health professionals or counselors

In a surrogacy arrangement, every individual needs to undergo an examination to determine whether the intended parents, donors, and surrogates are physically and emotionally fit. While fertility doctors would perform screening tests but evaluating emotional stability is equally important.

A counselor will determine the emotional and mental well-being of the surrogate mother as the surrogacy procedure can be a very challenging process for her after all she has to hand over the baby right after the delivery.

Whereas, understanding the emotional well-being of the intended father is also crucial like determining whether he is ready to trust the process and surrogate and whether he is okay with letting go of the control of the surrogate’s pregnancy and related factors.

Experienced attorney

A surrogacy treatment process includes complicated laws and regulations in each country. Whether you are considering surrogacy nationally or internationally surrogacy varies and to have a safe and hassle-free surrogacy experience you will need the assistance of an attorney who guides you throughout the journey from forming a surrogacy contract to helping you obtain a parentage order from the court.

Seeing the diversification of surrogacy laws, if you undergo the legal process of surrogacy alone you will get stuck in the journey and fail to complete the legal process successfully.

Surrogacy agency or professional

Surrogacy is a journey that involves a lot of experts and technical steps which can be quite a task for intended parents hence having an expert by your side who manages everything for you can make your journey smooth and tension-free.

A surrogacy agency acts as a bridge between all the parties to help them maintain clear communication, and assist intended parents to connect with the best fertility clinic, prospective qualified egg donors and surrogates, doctors, attorneys, and other professionals.

Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry the good news is you are not alone in this journey. Beginning the journey of parenthood can bring you a lot of doubts and concerns but Global Star Surrogacy ensures that you have a hassle-free experience and our experts assist intended parents by providing constant guidance and support throughout all the uncertainties and complications.

How does surrogacy works for single dads?

As we discussed the surrogacy process for single dads-to-be is quite similar to any other intended parents. Then is there any difference in the process for single dads? How does surrogacy works for them? These are the common questions we receive quite often.

Yes, there is a difference. Usually, a couple who undergo a surrogacy journey uses their gamete material i.e. sperm sample and eggs to form embryos. Whereas, single dads would need an egg donor to have a successful conception with a surrogate mother.

Once you consult with a surrogacy agency the next step is intended father will have to visit a fertility clinic he will be examined to determine the sperm’s health and overall fertility condition. Furthermore, the physical and psychological screening test is conducted. Then, based on the results the agency would assist the intended father to shortlist the egg donor and surrogate mother. Once the egg donor and surrogate mother are finalized then with the assistance of an attorney surrogacy contract is formed and once both parties agree on all the factors both parties then sign the contract.

Though, how does surrogacy works in terms of the medical process? The egg donor has to undertake fertility medications to stimulate her eggs. Once eggs are ready to fertilize, her eggs would be retrieved in an incubator, and meanwhile, the sperm sample of the intended father is collected, and then both materials are mixed to form embryos.

After the observation of cryopreservation of embryos for a few days the embryos will be transferred into the surrogate’s womb when her inner lining is ready for the process. To complete the process on time, the IVF specialists would make the surrogate undergo a few medications to balance the menstrual cycle of the egg donor and surrogate and to make the surrogate’s body ready for the embryo transfer procedure.

After a few days of embryo transfer, the surrogate will conduct a test to determine the results, once she confirms the pregnancy she continues with her pregnancy journey.

Finding egg donor and surrogate

Most men who consider becoming a single father through surrogacy have concerns about finding an appropriate egg donor, as she contributes her genes through providing her qualitative eggs or oocytes which will impact your future child’s genetic makeup.

When it comes to finding egg donors, most of the time intended parents are clueless. Don’t worry, Global Star Surrogacy has got you covered. With our strong network of qualified donors, we assist you to connect with the best donors. To begin with we perform psychological and physical screening to ensure she is perfectly fit and fertile.

The physical screening process looks like:
  • Once a prospective egg donor fills out the application form then an agency like Global Star Surrogacy will conduct a telephonic or face-to-face interview.
  • After a donor clears the interview, she will have to undergo a physical screening examination to determine whether is fit, fertile, and does not have any disease that can be transmitted to the child, blood and drug test, and ultrasound to determine reproductive organs.
  • A complete medical and psychological history is determined of the egg donor and her family will be taken to check if there is any possibility of inherited disease transmitted further to the infant.

Once an egg donor clears all the steps of the physical screening test, she will be further sent for psychological examination.

Donating eggs can be an emotionally challenging process for any woman. A counselor will conduct a session to determine whether she is mentally and emotionally ready for the process. Also, she is informed about the process, risk factors (if any), and whether she is okay with letting go of the control of the entire surrogacy pregnancy process.

With her consent, our counselor will ask her a few questions to check her emotional stability. Once we get an idea that she is emotionally fit we sent her profile to the intended parents to finalize. If in case you are on a search for a specific trait so that you know your child carries the right trait like a particular height, hair colour, eye colour, or specification in personality trait you must inform your agency beforehand.

Another crucial concern that dads to be might have is selecting a surrogate mother. Don’t worry Global Star Surrogacy makes the process of becoming a single father through surrogacy quite a simple and hassle-free process.

We conduct screening interviews and examinations just like the process with egg donors. We connect with our qualified and experienced prospective surrogate mothers and ask them to undergo a certain medical process as she is the one who will carry your child.

There are a few additional criteria an agency looks for in a surrogate:

  • She must be between the age of 21-35 years.
  • She must have e previous experience with surrogacy experience.
  • She must be fit and fertile.
  • She should not consume alcohol, smoke, or drugs.
  • And finally, she must be free from infections like HIV and AIDS.

Once you shortlist your surrogate, you can connect with her face-to-face or through a video call to get in touch with her.

The process of transferring qualitative embryos

Transferring embryos is one of the most important steps in a surrogacy treatment process. A surrogacy journey begins in a fertility clinic to achieve a surrogate’s pregnancy successfully, 1 or more embryos are transferred into her womb using the medical process of the IVF method.

How does the embryo transfer process look like for single intended dads?
  • The intended father will have to visit a fertility clinic and give the lab a sample of his sperm specimen. Though, a sperm sample can be collected before egg retrieval as sperm can be frozen and stored for years.
  • After undergoing a few fertility medications, your egg donor will visit a fertility clinic and complete the process of egg retrieval on a determined day. Furthermore, your fertility clinic would call you and update you about the process.
  • The next step is to combine retrieved eggs and your sperm (thawed) in the laboratory to create embryos.
  • Furthermore, IVF specialists would observe the embryos and look at their development for a few days and keep you updated on the same.
  • Once the embryos are ready, the IVF specialist selects the qualitative embryos and transfers them to the surrogate’s womb.
Perks and challenges of surrogacy

Intended parents who cannot conceive naturally have plenty of options to consider to begin their family. But hopeful single intended mothers or fathers have hardly few options. All single men if you are considering of beginning the journey of a single father through surrogacy then you must determine all the factors before committing to the surrogacy treatment process.

Perks of surrogacy
  • Hopeful singles can fulfill their dream of commencing a family and achieving fatherhood through surrogacy.
  • Through surrogacy, you can maintain a long-term relationship with your surrogate.
  • Single-intended fathers can nurture their children with the healthy breast milk of a surrogate mother. You will have to discuss this with her before beginning the process and get her consent.
  • Even single hopeful intended parents can conceive a baby by sharing a biological relationship with their infant.
  • In most cases, surrogacy might seem to be a more viable and convenient process for single intended parents as in adoption most birth mothers choose a married couple to give away her child.
Challenges of surrogacy
  • The surrogacy treatment process can be expensive, and single intended fathers may have to tackle additional challenges or hurdles to manage surrogacy costs with one income.
  • Single parents especially single dads may face stigma from society throughout the surrogacy treatment process and by the time he or she is born. Additionally, managing time and resources as a single dad can be challenging without any support.
  • Though alot of intended parents choose to move overseas due to the high cost of surrogacy in the US, you may face legal hurdles as not all countries legally recognize surrogacy for single intended parents.
Which states are surrogacy legal for to-be dads?

As we discussed, many intended parents consider international surrogacy for various reasons. We receive many questions from single intended dads, one of the common concerns they have is which states are surrogacy legal for single intended fathers. To simplify your research phase, we have listed below a few states that allow single intended parents to practice parenting through surrogacy.

United States of America

In the USA, each state has different local laws so the legal regulations for single-parent surrogacy will vary from each state. We have listed below the states that allow considering surrogacy for single parents.

  • California
  • Maryland
  • Oregon
  • New Jersey
  • Illinois
  • New Hemisphere
  • Arkansas

The liberal surrogacy laws in the country, attract more intended parents to consider the USA as their surrogacy destination country.

European countries

Though surrogacy is banned in most European countries that don’t mean you cannot achieve your fatherhood through surrogacy successfully. There are countries in Europe that allow surrogacy for national and international intended parents.

  • Ukraine
  • Portugal
  • Greece (Allows all types of surrogacy)
  • Netherlands (Unregulated surrogacy)
  • Belgium (Allows only Altruistic surrogacy)
  • Denmark (Permits only Altruistic surrogacy)
  • Czech Republic (Non-regulated surrogacy)
  • Poland (Surrogacy is unregulated)

Colombia legalizes surrogacy for single men and women as well. A single intended father who wishes to find a destination that offers a surrogacy program at an affordable cost Colombia can be an ideal place for you. Additionally, in Colombia surrogates are provided compensation i.e she gets monetary compensation in exchange for her efforts, pain, time, and sacrifice.

Other states like Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and Australia permit only altrusitic surrogacy. While many single intended fathers may feel like altruistic surrogacy can be beneficial for me as they can cut off the monetary compensation cost from their surrogacy budget. But remember, altruistic surrogacy allows someone known as someone from family, friends, or relatives to become your surrogate which in the future may create legal and emotional complications.

Hence, it is always recommended to select a country that permits commercial surrogacy. Surrogacy with an anonymous surrogate will assure you of legal protection and a safe journey without any complications. If you want to understand the surrogacy offerings and laws in different countries, visit our website!

You are a step away from fulfilling your dreams

Every individual has the right to expand their family, whether you are a single intended mom or dad you can conceive a baby that looks exactly like you. Over the years we have assisted various single men to become single father through surrogacy programs. We would be content to help you fulfill your dreams. Don’t hesitate, visit our website or book our free consultation call to understand the detailed proceeding of the surrogacy journey.