Testimonial 1: global star surrogacy – compassionate, proficient, and outstanding in delivering their services. undoubtedly, they were the best choice to fulfil our dream of becoming parents

Testimonial 2: If you decide to start your surrogacy journey with Global Star Surrogacy after the first consultation, then you will have to sign a Service Agreement. As soon as the agreement is signed, a Program Coordinator will be assigned to you to provide guidance for each step of the process. Additionally, the Program Co-ordination team will be responsible for handling the logistics aspects. This includes scheduling a medical screening of Egg Donor and Surrogates, organizing and co-ordinating the IVF cycles, prepping up the surrogate for the embryo transfer, regular monthly updates after confirmation of pregnancy, prenatal visit to the doctor to check if the pregnancy is as per requirements.

The team will communicate with you regularly as you begin and continue your parenting journey. This is to ensure that you remain in the know of things that happen through your parenting journey.